We were happy to work with the Electrician Academy on their brand new website. We designed, built, and optimised this brochure website which gives information on training courses in Kent. The outcome of the project was very successful, and we hope you enjoy using the site as well.

The Electrician Academy website gives vital information and details on a range of gas, electric, and plumbing courses available in the South-East area. The Electrician Academy are training centres setup to provide courses in existing trades to help refresh or initiate a new career path. The academy boasts experienced tutors, purpose built workshops, and apprenticeship schemes. For anymore information regarding the website or specified training visit http://www.electricianacademy.co.uk/.


We've just finished working on our latest e-commerce site, Stagstuff! Stagstuff specialises in bachelor party supplies, and everything you'd need to throw a seriously good stag party. The site has a range of appropriate products that is bound to satisfy your appetite for accessories, as well as give you some great stag party ideas.

Stagstuff knows how hard it can be planning a stag party - there is an untold expectancy for it to meet a certain level of greatness. The internet is full of sites dedicated to helping hen parties, but Stagstuff is the first dedicated solely to men. They sell all manner of accessories from fancy dress costumes to drinking games; if it going to be a contributing factor to you having an amazing stag party, they stock it!


Typical, isn't it? You wait years for your chance to design a motorsport website, and then two come along at once. SVG Promotions are doing a lot of work to promote motorsport in Wales, and we were thrilled when they asked us to help polish up their web presence.

Today, we're announcing the release of two websites: one is the SVG Promotions page itself, covering all aspects of their motorsport enterprise; the other is for Formula Dragon, the motorsport competition that SVG have organised in order to root out the racing drivers of tomorrow. It's all very exciting - if you live in Wales and you've got a passion for motorsport, you absolutely must visit these sites. Who knows? Maybe you'll end up becoming a professional touring car driver!

We've already designed one website for greensquares - you can still buy a wide variety of outdoor living accessories from there - and we're pleased to announce that their new site, porcelainpaving.co.uk, is now live as well. This new venture extends the greensquares brand into a slightly different territory; they're still keen to make your garden look great, but this time they're doing it with beautiful porcelain tiles.

The porcelain paving site is mostly dedicated to Out 2.0 paving, a revolutionary new product from Refin that's specifically designed for outdoor use. The slabs don't even need any cement, supporting a dry installation method. But garden paving isn't the whole story; if you visit the site, you'll also be greeted by beautiful pictures of the In.Out tiles, which can be used both indoors and out to create a smooth, seamless effect. We wish greensquares every success with their new porcelain site, and we hope that they're pleased with the work we've done.

Stephen Dalton has been a chartered surveyor for over two decades, and we recently completed work on the new website for his prestigious consultancy business, Stephen Dalton & Co. The site went live today, and if you need any property finance advice, you'd do well to go and take a look.

The site covers every aspect of Stephen Dalton's business, from commercial and residential building surveying to real estate finance advice. Having worked with Stephen, we can confirm that he is a consummate professional, and we'd highly recommend talking to him if you need any form of real estate advice. Stephen Dalton & Co are based in Surrey, but they are happy to work with clients throughout the UK.

Pure Commercial Finance are a group of independent financial brokers who, as their company name suggests, specialise in all aspects of commercial finance. We've recently completed their brand new website; if you'd care to take a look, you'll find it at purecommercialfinance.co.uk.

The new PCF site includes information about each and every one of the services they can provide. These include commercial mortgages, business insurance, invoice factoring, and a lot more besides. They're based in Cardiff (we like a good local company!), so if you're based in the South Wales area and you need friendly, professional commercial finance advice, we'd strongly recommend getting in touch with Pure Commercial Finance. We hope they're as pleased with their new virtual home as we are!

We've just launched a rather ingenious site called ComparePromotional.co.uk. The big idea behind this one is as follows: lots of businesses, no matter how or big or small, will want merchandise with their logo on it. It could be mugs for their employees, or pens for the boss to write with, or gifts to hand out to potential clients. There are plenty of places to purchase these promotional products, but as far as we're aware, there's never been a way of comparing their prices and finding out whose are the cheapest.

That's what Compare Promotional is all about. If you want branded merchandise for your business - it could be mugs, stationery, umbrellas, or pretty much anything - you can use our new comparison site to find the best possible deal. Check it out now - you'll be amazed at the range of promotional products we compare!

Based in Kent but operating throughout South East England, The Plumbing Academy is exactly what you'd expect it to be - a company that offers training courses for people who want to become plumbers, electricians, and gas workers. They've been delivering their courses since 2005, and they came to us for a more professional, modern-looking website design that would attract a new generation of tradespeople. We're very pleased with the finished site, and we hope that everyone at The Plumbing Academy feels the same way!

In spite of their name, The Plumbing Academy actually offer gas and electrical training courses as well as plumbing courses. No matter which of these trades you'd like to take up, they can help you to learn the ropes and start a brand new career. The new website includes a 'Success Stories' page, where visitors can read about people who have left The Plumbing Academy and started a lucrative plumbing, electrical or gas business. It's inspirational stuff; if you'd like to become a plumber, electrician or gas worker, we'd recommend visiting www.plumbingacademy.co.uk today.

Our latest creation is the new NPT Management Systems website. You'll find it at www.nptmanagementsystems.co.uk, and we're pretty pleased with how it looks - classy and professional, without being dull.

NPT specialise in quality management systems, and if you're looking to attain quality certification for your company, NPT are the people to call. Their brand new website includes information on all the services they provide (improvement programmes, management reviews, assistance with ISO90001 certification, etc.), as well as testimonials and a blog-style news page. The company is based in Hampshire, so if you live in Dorset, Sussex, or Hampshire itself, and you'd like to implement quality management systems into your business, get in touch with NPT today

We love working with local companies here at Designer Websites, and our latest project was a website for Wilton, a Cardiff dental surgery that boasts all the latest dental technology. This was a very interesting site to work on, and the new site includes pages for all of the advanced treatment methods that Wilton offer.

Wilton House Dental Surgery was founded back in the mid-20th century, and a lot has happened in the intervening decades. The aim of this new site was to bring the practice bang up to date, and we think that the finished product is just as clean and modern-looking as you'd expect from a professional dental surgery. Wilton provide a very high standard of dental care, so if you live in or around the Llandaff area of Cardiff, we'd certainly recommend talking to them about your dental hygiene.

If you'd like to find out more about Wilton Dental, pop over to wilton-dental.co.uk and see for yourself what we've done for them!

Our latest website is labelsource.co.uk, an ecommerce site where one can purchase all manner of labels and signs. Label Source have been going since 1994, supplying affordable, high-quality identification products (labels, tags, nameplates, etc.) to a wide variety of customers and clients. We're thrilled to have worked for such a long-standing business, and we hope that the new Label Source website will attract a wealth of new custom for the company.

We've created a lot of ecommerce websites in our time, but the Label Source site stands out as one of the larger ecommerce projects we've ever completed. The site stocks a dizzying array of products, including safety signs, asset  labels, warning notices...we could go on. To see the full range, go to labelsource.co.uk and have a browse of our latest website!

Lubas have been providing professional medical training and paramedic support since 2009, and we're happy to announce that their new website is now live. They're based in Cardiff, but they operate throughout the UK, so if you're thinking of taking a medical training course, we'd highly recommend that you get in touch with Lubas Medical.

The new Lubas website contains information on every aspect of the service that Lubas provide, from their first aid courses and work safety training to the paramedic support that they provide for events of all sizes. In fact, the Lubas paramedics have worked at some fairly high-profile events: a Take That concert, a Children in Need show, several well-known BBC productions, and no less than five FA Cup finals!

Working with Paul Lubas and his company has been a pleasure, and we hope that everyone at Lubas Medical Ltd. is pleased with the new site.

Good news: another great website has just gone! This one's for Avand, a training company who provide plumbing courses in London, as well as in Surrey, Kent, and several other locations in the south of England. We're pleased that the website is up and running, and we hope that everyone at Avand is happy with what we've put together for them.

Plumbing isn't the only trade for which Avand can provide training. They also offer courses in gas, construction, and electrical work, helping all kinds of aspiring tradesman to get their start in the world of work. Avand were keen that their website should cover all of these areas, so if you're looking to become a plumber, electrician, builder or gas worker, you'd do well to visit avand.co.uk today!

We have just completed the first phase of a rebuild for hen party accessories company www.henstuff.co.uk. The website has a new improved buying journey, some new visual tweaks and a great deal of new products in new categories.

The next phase will see the inclusion of the personalised t-shirt builder as well as a few other personalised product pages. The next phase is due to be released at the end of February 2013.

Today sees the launch of the new website for Greenbuild Wales, a construction company based in Wales. They specialise in Professional Construction Services, including everything from brickwork to joinery to window installation.

Greenbuild employ a great team of professional builders, and the construction services they offer are second to none. They've been in the construction industry for over 20 years, and they are a pleasure to work with. We hope that the new website reflects their highly professional service, and we wise them every success in the future.