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A landing page is the web page a user 'lands' on after clicking a link to your business. Whether the link appeared in an advert, a marketing email, or the Google search results, that landing page is very important because it contributes enormously to the user's first impression of you.

For this reason, it's crucial to ensure that each landing page is consistent with your broader brand identity. Here are some tips to help you achieve this...

  1. Utilise your logo 
  2. Use unique brand fonts
  3. Include authentic video and images 
  4. Generate your own colour palette 
  5. Stay consistent 

1. Utilise your logo 

Your logo is the face and embodiment of your brand and business! Ensure that your logo is clear and in a position where it can be easily recognised. Weave your logo into your landing page design so that it appears seamless and complements the content of your landing page. 

Bear in mind that web-users usually look for the logo in the top-left section of a web page. Depending on your website design, you could even change this placement up a bit depending on where you believe it would be most effective. 

2. Use unique brand fonts

If you want to stand out as a brand, use unique typography to level-up your landing page. Typography is an incredible asset to make use of as it can emphasise the values and aesthetics of your services or products. 

Whilst it is great to use eye-catching fonts, ensure that you maintain some sense of standardisation. You want your landing-page to be persuasive and exciting, but users also crave regularity in order to recognise brands and their offerings. 

For example, you don't need to have 5 different fonts on one landing page! Choose a bold statement or title to experiment with typography, and then use standard font for larger chunks of text as this will enhance readability for your users. 

3. Include authentic video and images 

Landing pages are there to sell, sell, sell! And what better way to do that than showing off what you can offer as a business? You can easily convey your business values and unique selling points (USPs) through video and imagery, and they can act as valuable additions to your landing page. 

Did you know that videos on landing pages can help SEO? Video keeps people on your site for longer - if a user lands on a landing page which includes a video, they're more likely to watch it, meaning your bounce rate will improve. 

4. Generate your own colour palette

Each colour connotes an emotion! Build a colour palette by analysing your brand, or use your existing brand colours. Here are just a few questions you could ask yourself: what impression do you want your business to give? How do you want people to feel? What can your product or service do for people? 

  • Red: energy, power, passion, courage 
  • Orange: joy, fun, wisdom
  • Yellow: happiness, innovation, intellect 
  • Green: wealth, balance, tradition 
  • Blue: calm, loyalty, harmony 
  • Purple: serenity, luxury
  • White: purity, innocence, optimism 

5. Stay consistent

Brand consistency ensures that your brand is recognisable across all marketing channels and touch points within the sales funnel. Your landing page is incredibly important, as it is where your marketing and persuasion gains the potential to convert into sales. 

Consistency allows customers to trust your brand - they want to know what to expect from your business, and what outcome there will be. You can utilise all of these tips whilst having a solid foundation of brand values, goals and missions. 

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Little Cherubs is a well-established day nursery located in Cardiff, dedicated to giving young children a safe and secure space to build their self-esteem, and develop warm and positive relationships. A long-term client of Designer Websites, we designed their initial brochure website way back in 2011.


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