Screenshots of the new Iola NZ site

With responsive web design becoming more and more ubiquitous, you may have noticed that a lot of our client websites have been receiving the responsive makeover recently. We've already told you about Howells and TimberTech, and the design work that we did for both of those sites - well, Iola NZ is the latest website that we've made responsive.

Iola is a New Zealand-based outdoor furniture company. All of their products - chairs, tables, sun loungers, the lot - are hand-crafted by master weavers, and the furniture that they create is ideal for a cool, contemporary outdoor living space.

With this in mind, it was important to the people behind Iola NZ that their website should be as attractive and as modern-looking as possible. Hence the new responsive design; the revamped Iola website looks just as good and functions just as smoothly on phones and other mobile devices as it does on our desktop PCs.

Whether you view it on your laptop, your iPad, or your smartphone, we think you're going to love what we've done with the Iola NZ site. Check it out at

Our clients TimberTech are a garden decking expert company and thanks to the Designer Websites team, their website has just undergone a fancy responsive make-over! Their new website utilises the highest development technology and is completely responsive, offering a seamless transition across all platforms. 

TimberTech's highly-optimised website consistently performs well in the search engines and ranks impressively for related keywords, and now they have a snazzy responsive website to match! We're really pleased with TimberTech transition to a responsive site and think their extensive range of composite decking is now magnificently on display whether you're viewing it from a tablet, a laptop, a desktop computer or a mobile device.

A responsive design is the best way of ensuring your website is thoroughly user-friendly. If you'd like a responsive design for your website then get in touch with us for a quote now.

Pop on over to TimberTech's new website and see our latest responsive design in all its glory!