Howard G Davies & Associates

The internet is always changing, as are the rules and standards of web design. What looked fantastic five years ago will probably look very outdated today, and we are frequently asked to redesign our clients' websites to help them stay current and impress the current generation of web users.

Howard G Davies recently asked us to refresh his website, which was beginning to look a little bit tired by 2015 standards. As usual, our design team rose to the challenge, combining a bold blue-and-white colour scheme with carefully-chosen images and a simple, eye-catching layout to ensure that the revitalised website would look bang up to date.

Howard G Davies & Associates are a team of safety consultants specialising in fitness equipment, which means that they inspect exercise machinery before it is distributed and sold. They also help gym owners to ensure that their premises are as safe as possible, and in the event of a fitness-related accident, Howard and his team can serve as expert witnesses during any proceedings that follow.

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