We've already designed one website for greensquares - you can still buy a wide variety of outdoor living accessories from there - and we're pleased to announce that their new site, porcelainpaving.co.uk, is now live as well. This new venture extends the greensquares brand into a slightly different territory; they're still keen to make your garden look great, but this time they're doing it with beautiful porcelain tiles.

The porcelain paving site is mostly dedicated to Out 2.0 paving, a revolutionary new product from Refin that's specifically designed for outdoor use. The slabs don't even need any cement, supporting a dry installation method. But garden paving isn't the whole story; if you visit the site, you'll also be greeted by beautiful pictures of the In.Out tiles, which can be used both indoors and out to create a smooth, seamless effect. We wish greensquares every success with their new porcelain site, and we hope that they're pleased with the work we've done.

Stephen Dalton has been a chartered surveyor for over two decades, and we recently completed work on the new website for his prestigious consultancy business, Stephen Dalton & Co. The site went live today, and if you need any property finance advice, you'd do well to go and take a look.

The site covers every aspect of Stephen Dalton's business, from commercial and residential building surveying to real estate finance advice. Having worked with Stephen, we can confirm that he is a consummate professional, and we'd highly recommend talking to him if you need any form of real estate advice. Stephen Dalton & Co are based in Surrey, but they are happy to work with clients throughout the UK.