Safety Lifting website is a brand new ecommerce website with a wide range of products on offer, including safety equipment, material handling gear, and heavy-duty lifting equipment. The site, which went live earlier this week, is specifically targeted at trade customers (e.g. agents and distributors who will re-sell the goods to their own customers), and so it does differ from the average ecommerce site in several key ways:

  • Site users must register for a trade account before placing any orders; the checkout page cannot be accessed unless you are logged in
  • Safety Lifting's trade prices are only shown to registered trade users
  • The website's design and copy were created with professional traders - rather than retail consumers - in mind

Of course, in spite of these differences, the Safety Lifting site still needed to be as functional and as user-friendly as any other website. Mobile users will notice that the site has a responsive design, allowing it to adapt to any screen size without sacrificing the usability; furthermore, we have made the account signup process as streamlined and as straightforward as possible, making it easy for a busy trader to create their account and complete their purchase without any trouble.

Click here to visit the Safety Lifting website and see our latest work.

Google+ is a bit of a laughing stock in some circles. Launched in the summer of 2011, Google wanted G+ to be the social network that made Facebook, Twitter, and the other social giants sweat; three and a half years later, Google+ still has a long way to go before it catches up to Mark Zuckerberg and his big blue empire. At time of writing, 890 million people use Facebook on a daily basis, while Wikipedia puts Google+'s total user base at 540 million people - a solid 350,000,000 fewer than Facebook.

But does this mean that Google+ is a failure? You'd be forgiven for thinking so - most of us still use Facebook, not G+, to stay in touch with our friends, and even Google themselves tend to avoid talking about their social baby much these days. Having said that, there are plenty of good reasons to give Google+  a try...


Google+ is great if you want to find people with the same interests as you. There are hundreds of thousands of Google+ communities, and if you can't find one for your favourite thing, it's pretty easy to create your own and invite people to join it. G+ Communities are similar to Facebook Groups, but generally speaking, communities are far more active and far easier to find, join and use.


You've probably used hashtags on Twitter, but Google+ goes a step further than its laconic competitor by automatically adding relevant hashtags to your posts. Here's an example from our own G+ account:

Google+ post

Notice how the post itself doesn't contain any hashtags whatsoever. Instead, Google+ looked at the content of our post and decided that #Design#WebDesign and #Website would be suitable tags for it. This improves your content's chances of being seen by targeting trends that you may not even have known about; this feature is particularly useful if you are posting topical content about current news stories, which people may well be following using specific hashtags that you don't know about.


If you're a website owner and you're wondering how social media might help you to climb the search rankings, you absolutely need to take a look at Google+. Remember, this is Google's own social network, and any shares or +1s you receive are effectively a recommendation to the search engine itself. Here's an interesting quote from G+'s Wikipedia entry:

According to Business Insider and TastyPlacement, having "Google+ followers boosts the [Google search] ranking the most, while a "+1" still does way more for your search ranking than Facebook or Twitter."

If you use YouTube, Gmail, Blogger, Google My Business, or any of Google's other services, you probably already have a Google+ account. You may not have used it yet, but it's never too late to log in and give it a try. It may yet overtake Facebook one day...

SunSpaces website


If you'd like to add a little something extra to your garden, our latest project may well be of interest to you. We recently completed a brand new website for SunSpaces, an up-and-coming outdoor business specialising in stylish glass verandas and gorgeous garden rooms.

SunSpaces' unique selling point is their ability to provide something completely bespoke. There are several UK companies who provide sunrooms similar to those sold by the SunSpaces team, but not only do SunSpaces use better materials than most of their competitors, they are also far more flexible, offering a colossal range of options and aiming to provide a living space that's tailored to each individual customer.

The new SunSpaces site is completely responsive, allowing potential customers to research the company's garden rooms on the go and find out a little bit more when they get home. The website's purpose is to drive enquiries for the business; to get people on the phone so that the SunSpaces team can discuss the customer's options and explain in detail just what the company can do. To assist with this goal, we made sure that the company's contact details were clearly displayed at the top of each page, and that all of the content was carefully geared towards sparking those all-important enquiries.

To see the SunSpaces website for yourself - and to find out more about adding a garden room to your property - visit now.

Today is Safer Internet Day! This annual event is organised by the UK Safer Internet Centre as a means of promoting online safety for children and young people; the slogan for this year is 'Let's create a better internet together', and we at Designer Websites want to do our bit!

Here, then, are a few simple online security tips that will help your kids (and indeed you yourself) to stay safe and secure while you surf the web:

  • Create a strong, unique password. When helping your children to set up online accounts of any kind, encourage them to think carefully before selecting a password. Avoid obvious sequences like abc123qwerty and 1234567 and popular phrases like batmanfootball or dragon. Oh, and NEVER use your own name as a password!

  • Use different passwords for different accountsOnce you've thought of a good password, it can be tempting to use that same password for every account you set up. This is a big mistake; using the same password for everything means that, if somebody breaks into one account, they can easily gain access to all of the others. Try to think of a different password every time.

  • NEVER share or publish your login details online. You never know who might see them!

  • Parents: research adult content filtersIf you want to make sure that your children don't view any adult content while they use the internet, there are a number of plug-ins that can help you. Adult Blocker is a highly-rated plug-in for Google Chrome, and FoxFilter is the #1 parental control for FireFox. Internet Explorer, meanwhile, has built-in parental controls; just click on the cog in the top-right corner of any IE window, then select Internet Options > Content Family Safety to set parental guidelines for your children's internet use.

  • Parents: use the sites your children useOne last tip for parents (and teachers, too) - get to know the sites your children are using. For example, if they have a Facebook page or a Twitter account, set up a profile of your own and learn how to use it; this will ensure that you understand what your children are doing online, and help you to advise them when it comes to privacy settings.

Entertain-ment website

Entertain-ment supply all sorts of entertainment packages for events throughout the UK. They specialise in hen and stag parties, and so you can probably imagine the sort of thing they're usually asked to provide!

Still, it's not all about strippers and dwarfs; Entertain-ment also provide a huge variety of other activities, ranging from the chilled-out (perfume making classes, relaxing massage sessions) to the utterly intense (salsa dancing workshops, dominatrix lessons, and the extremely challenging stag night boot camp!)

With such a wide range of services on offer, Entertain-ment needed a website that would appeal to all users, giving bridesmaids, best men, and everyone in between an easy way to put together the perfect party. To start with, we came up with a great-looking responsive design that would function well on screens of all sizes; the company wanted their new website to be accessible from smartphones and tablets as well as from desktop computers, and the finished site allows users to research ideas and make enquiries on-the-go.

The enquiry form was a crucial part of this project. Aside from the usual fields (name, location, telephone number, etc.), we included a 'Service Required' field that allows customers to specify up to 6 Entertain-ment services along with their enquiry. This feature gives the company a good idea of what each customer is looking for before they've even picked up the phone.

If you'd like to see the work we've done for Entertain-ment, visit today.