Safety Lifting website is a brand new ecommerce website with a wide range of products on offer, including safety equipment, material handling gear, and heavy-duty lifting equipment. The site, which went live earlier this week, is specifically targeted at trade customers (e.g. agents and distributors who will re-sell the goods to their own customers), and so it does differ from the average ecommerce site in several key ways:

  • Site users must register for a trade account before placing any orders; the checkout page cannot be accessed unless you are logged in
  • Safety Lifting's trade prices are only shown to registered trade users
  • The website's design and copy were created with professional traders - rather than retail consumers - in mind

Of course, in spite of these differences, the Safety Lifting site still needed to be as functional and as user-friendly as any other website. Mobile users will notice that the site has a responsive design, allowing it to adapt to any screen size without sacrificing the usability; furthermore, we have made the account signup process as streamlined and as straightforward as possible, making it easy for a busy trader to create their account and complete their purchase without any trouble.

Click here to visit the Safety Lifting website and see our latest work.