Screenshots from the new Training Courses Wales website

If you've ever felt like quitting your job and starting a completely new career, our latest project may well be of interest to you. We've been putting together a brochure website for Training Courses Wales, a company who specialise (as their name would suggest) in vocational training courses. The site went live yesterday, which means that budding plumbers, electricians, gas engineers and construction workers can now book onto relevant training courses right here in Wales.

The local factor is a big part of what Training Courses Wales are all about. They realised that many, many more people would be willing to train for a job in the trade industry if they didn't have to travel so far; catching trains, booking accommodation, and going days without seeing one's family are all big obstacles on the path to a new career. Would-be electricians in Swansea, for example, may previously have chosen not to undertake professional training because they couldn't make it to London or Manchester for a good quality course.

That's where this new website comes in. Training Courses Wales provide vocational training courses throughout South Wales, allowing a lot of people to start the career that they always wanted to have. The TCW site contains details on all of the different qualifications that you can gain from their courses, along with a slick enquiry form that interested parties can use to get in touch. If you want to see what exciting new occupations are at your feet, or if you just want to see an example of our handiwork, pop over to now.

Previews of the new Floormaker site

We've been looking after Floormaker's site for several years now, and our latest project for these well-established flooring suppliers was a new, responsive website design. A little while ago, the Floormaker team noticed that a growing portion of their site traffic was coming from smartphones and tablets, and since they wanted to give these mobile users the best possible experience, they picked up the phone and asked us to redesign their site.

The main result of our hard work is that the Floormaker site now responds to the device on which you view it. For instance, people who buy their floor using an iPhone will see a slightly different layout to Floormaker's PC-using customers.

Having said that, we made plenty of other changes while we were redesigning the site. Social media feeds are now prominently displayed on the homepage, making it easier for visitors to see what the brand is up to on Twitter and Pinterest. We also created a 'DIY SOS' blog, which the company can now use to answer any flooring questions their customers might have.

New features aside, the whole site generally looks a little sharper and more modern. Pop over to now and see what you think of our handiwork!

Screenshots of the new Headrush Europe website

Headrush Europe is a wholesale supplier of beer bongs, beer pong tables, and all kinds of other drinking accessories. They supply these items to loads of big-name retailers; you've probably heard of Hawkin's Bazaar, MenKind, and Gadget Inspector, and these are just some of the companies that stock Headrush products.

Why are we telling you this? Because Headrush Europe's new website has just gone live, and we're the people who created it! Since Headrush are wholesalers, not retailers, this site is somewhat different to our other ecommerce projects. In addition to the usual shopping basket/checkout functionality, we put together a nifty application form through which customers can register for a trade account. The trade account allows stockists to keep track of their purchase history and make regular bulk orders from Headrush without any faffing about.

We're pretty pleased with the new Headrush website; if you're interested to browse for yourself, head over to and check it out.