Computers are right at the core of many businesses (not least our own), and yet you'd be surprised at how many of those businesses have absolutely no backups or disaster recovery plans in place. From hardware failure and computer viruses to flooding and human error, there are any number of dangers that could wipe out all of your information in the blink of an eye - you never know what could happen tomorrow!

Fortunately, Alphabyte IT can help you to safeguard against all of these hazards and more. They've helped a huge variety of businesses to organise their IT infrastructure and protect themselves from data loss, and with the brand new website that we've just finished building for them, they're ready to help many hundreds more!

The new site ( is completely responsive, and while we obviously aren't entirely objective, we think it looks absolutely great. The simple design makes it easy to find the service you need, and trust us, data backup is just one of many services that Alphabyte can provide. They also offer IT evaluations, project management assistance, copy and printing advice, and much more besides.

So if you haven't been taking proper care of your company's IT systems, go and take a look at the new Alphabyte website. They may end up saving your business!