Bakeware screenshots

If you enjoy the odd spot of baking on the weekend, we've got fantastic news for you: (our latest project) is now up and running! British Bakeware is a brand new enterprise that was started by a team of baking fanatics - the company sells baking trays, cake tins, and all kinds of other essential kitchenware. In short, it's a one-stop shop for bakers all over the UK!

This is an ecommerce website and so, as usual, we've made sure that the buying process is slick, functional, and as easy as can be. Products are divided into several different categories ('Bread Baking', 'Grill Pans', etc.), and from there, it's a straightforward shopping basket system that allows users to restock their kitchen in moments!

One very nice feature of this website is the blog. We styled it to look like one of your mum's recipe books (very in-keeping with the website's vintage theme), and we gave it a highly readable layout that makes it exceptionally easy to whip up your next masterpiece. The recipes are linked to 'Products You May Find Helpful' - for example, the pizza recipe links to a pizza tray - and those products contain links to the relevant recipes, too. It's a great idea, and we're very pleased with how it all comes together!

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