Pure Commercial Finance are a group of independent financial brokers who, as their company name suggests, specialise in all aspects of commercial finance. We've recently completed their brand new website; if you'd care to take a look, you'll find it at purecommercialfinance.co.uk.

The new PCF site includes information about each and every one of the services they can provide. These include commercial mortgages, business insurance, invoice factoring, and a lot more besides. They're based in Cardiff (we like a good local company!), so if you're based in the South Wales area and you need friendly, professional commercial finance advice, we'd strongly recommend getting in touch with Pure Commercial Finance. We hope they're as pleased with their new virtual home as we are!

We've just launched a rather ingenious site called ComparePromotional.co.uk. The big idea behind this one is as follows: lots of businesses, no matter how or big or small, will want merchandise with their logo on it. It could be mugs for their employees, or pens for the boss to write with, or gifts to hand out to potential clients. There are plenty of places to purchase these promotional products, but as far as we're aware, there's never been a way of comparing their prices and finding out whose are the cheapest.

That's what Compare Promotional is all about. If you want branded merchandise for your business - it could be mugs, stationery, umbrellas, or pretty much anything - you can use our new comparison site to find the best possible deal. Check it out now - you'll be amazed at the range of promotional products we compare!

Based in Kent but operating throughout South East England, The Plumbing Academy is exactly what you'd expect it to be - a company that offers training courses for people who want to become plumbers, electricians, and gas workers. They've been delivering their courses since 2005, and they came to us for a more professional, modern-looking website design that would attract a new generation of tradespeople. We're very pleased with the finished site, and we hope that everyone at The Plumbing Academy feels the same way!

In spite of their name, The Plumbing Academy actually offer gas and electrical training courses as well as plumbing courses. No matter which of these trades you'd like to take up, they can help you to learn the ropes and start a brand new career. The new website includes a 'Success Stories' page, where visitors can read about people who have left The Plumbing Academy and started a lucrative plumbing, electrical or gas business. It's inspirational stuff; if you'd like to become a plumber, electrician or gas worker, we'd recommend visiting www.plumbingacademy.co.uk today.

Our latest creation is the new NPT Management Systems website. You'll find it at www.nptmanagementsystems.co.uk, and we're pretty pleased with how it looks - classy and professional, without being dull.

NPT specialise in quality management systems, and if you're looking to attain quality certification for your company, NPT are the people to call. Their brand new website includes information on all the services they provide (improvement programmes, management reviews, assistance with ISO90001 certification, etc.), as well as testimonials and a blog-style news page. The company is based in Hampshire, so if you live in Dorset, Sussex, or Hampshire itself, and you'd like to implement quality management systems into your business, get in touch with NPT today