Hyper Recruitment Solutions, the recruitment company founded by 2012 Apprentice winner Ricky Martin, celebrated its official launch yesterday in London. Ricky Martin and business partner Lord Alan Sugar launched the new business in the prestigious Royal Society of Chemistry.

Hyper Recruitment Solutions Launch Event Some of the Designer Websites team were there to support Ricky with the   launch of his new business. As the design and development team behind the new HRS recruitment website, Jason, Jenna and Ruth were invited to attend the launch, which kicked off with scientific themed canapés and drinks!

"The HRS website was a very rewarding project for us and we were thrilled to be invited to London to be part of the company's big launch."
Jason Fortt, BSc
Managing Director of Designer Websites Limited

The team here at Designer Websites worked tirelessly with Ricky on this website and our joint efforts produced a website that both companies can be very proud to have produced. Hyper Recruitment Solutions is a very ethical and highly compliant recruitment company and we feel that the website adequately reflects this. Ricky and his team have a passion for the science industry and we feel that the recruitment solutions that they now provide are sure to be a significant boon to the science industry in the UK - it was great to see so many people at the Royal Society of Chemistry last night witnessing the business take its first steps.

Being a science focused business, the HRS team had organised the event with a totally scientific theme, right down to the test tube soup served by waiting staff in lab coats and safety goggles. It was great! Ricky Martin was man of the hour, of course, and in spite of being extremely busy he graciously agreed to pose for a photoshoot with the Designer Websites team. You can see some of the photos we took below:

Jason and Ricky at Launch Event

Hyper Recruitment Solutions is co-owned by Lord Sugar, and one of the greatest honours of developing the company's recruitment website was working for the renowned business magnate. Among the night's main features was a Q&A session with Lord Sugar himself, and he was witty and insightful throughout as he answered questions on everything from science jobs and recruitment solutions to the current business climate and how to find work within it. Jason asked Lord Sugar about his view on Universities providing more practical and apprenticeship-style training, to better enable graduates to start on the right foot in their first career job, to which Lord Sugar replied that he would prefer to see graduates more prepared for the real world of business.

"The whole evening was thoroughly professional and very entertaining; we all really enjoyed it. The Q&A session with Lord Sugar was very good!"
Jenna Lewis
Project Manager at Designer Websites Limited

So if you're looking for science jobs, there's a brand new recruitment company who are eager to help you. The HRS launch event was a huge success, and a great reward for all the hard work and long hours we put into developing their recruitment website. Working with HRS has been a pleasure and an honour, and we're sure that Ricky Martin, Lord Sugar, and everyone else at Hyper Recruitment Solutions have got even greater success to come. We look forward to working together as the business flourishes over the next couple of years.

BBC Apprentice Winners

Another of our websites has gone live today, and this time we've been working with Cross Accounting, a team of professional accountants who provide top-quality accounting services to clients across South Wales.

This Cardiff-based accounting company offers a range of accounting services to suit all kinds of requirements, so whether you need accounting advice for your business or just for yourself, Cross Accounting are the people to call. Their accountants are professional and reliable, and their expertise covers everything from tax returns to setting up a new company. They've been a pleasure to work with, and we hope they are as proud of their new website as we are.

Accounting Services Cardiff

We're happy to announce that we've just launched the website for Howells Solicitors, a team of legal solicitors based in Cardiff and other locations in South Wales. Their services include residential conveyancing, family law, wills and asset management, personal injury, and a range of other areas where you might need the help of qualified legal solicitors. They even offer a DIY online divorce service. 

Working on the Howells Solicitors website was a delight, and the legal solicitors who work for the company are professional, committed, and understanding. If you need legal advice, we can't recommend Howells highly enough

Legal Solicitors in Cardiff

We have just release an new ecommerce website for halloween costumes; the website is owned and run by Freeda Promotions. This new bespoke ecommerce website joins the party/gifts group of sites run by Freeda:

  • Gadget Inspector
  • Zule Costumes
  • Hen Stuff
  • Halloween Fancy Dress