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APIs afford us the power to communicate directly from your website to desktop applications
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Complex api integrations

Complex API Development

Does your business need a seamless online booking system, or something similar? Most businesses these days use computer programs within their normal day-to-day activities for bookings, accounting, quotations, reporting etc. Imagine how powerful your website would be if it could take a booking and synchronise it, in real time, with the booking system at your place of work, or if your site could capture a payment and then automatically import this directly into your accounting package!

This is what APIs are for – they allow your website to directly communicate with your application or database, allowing for seamless automation of business tasks. This can be incredibly empowering for your business, and can give you a significant competitive advantage.

Here at Designer Websites, we have years of experience with integrating third party APIs from other software vendors into our websites. No matter how complex your requirements, if there is an API available then we can build a solution to work with it. So, if you want to apply some automation to your website, get in touch with our API development experts and let’s get your business the competitive advantage that it deserves.
Accounting Systems Many businesses use Sage, the industry standard accounting package, and in fact we are Sage Business Developers, allowing us to communicate directly with your Sage accounting package through their API. We are also SagePay Partners, which makes it easy for us to integrate payments through your website and seamlessly into your Sage accounts package. We can also provide totally bespoke solutions that utilise APIs to automate tasks – such as developing quotes, managing client accounts, and sending invoices – for you. We are Sage Pay Partners, which makes it easy for us to communicate directly with Sage and integrate payments from your website into your Sage accounts package.
Custom API Development As well as working with third-party APIs, we can actually develop custom APIs for your own solution, website or database. Many of our clients have wanted to make some of their systems’ functionality available to their customers; for example, they might want to allow stock updates to their customers’ websites, or they might want to fulfil their clients’ orders and therefore need a way to book in an order automatically. In these cases, we build a custom API which can then be utilised by their customers. If you need a bespoke solution, we can develop custom APIs to suit your website or database. Our solutions are built from the ground up and tailored to your needs.
Booking Systems Clinics, hotels, resorts, equipment hire - we’ve worked with a variety of businesses who rely on a booking system of some kind. We provide a totally bespoke solution to ensure that the bookings transfer seamlessly to your in-house booking system and that your customers get an attractive and intuitive user experience throughout your website. Does your business rely on online bookings? We can ensure that your website’s booking system transfers seamlessly to your in-house system, making everything hassle-free.
API development can provide very powerful solutions for your business, and we love to build intelligent solutions for our clients. If you would like to discuss your requirements with our development team then give us a call on 01446 339050; alternatively, click here to request a quotation.