Cooker Spare Parts is a brand new ecommerce website that we've just finished working on. The company is based in Cardiff, and their mission is simple: to help people fix their broken appliances instead of letting them stump up the cash for a new one. Buying a spare part for your oven is much less expensive than buying a whole new oven, so if you need cooker spare parts or spares for any other white goods, we'd strongly recommend visiting the website.

CSP stock pretty much every part you could ask for, and the functional website we've built for them makes it easy to locate and purchase the part you need. No matter what brands you have in your kitchen, this ecommerce website will help you to get everything working again; visit today.

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You may notice that the Designer Websites site looks a little different today, and that’s because our new and improved website design has just gone live! We’ve wanted to revamp the site for some time now, but with so many client websites to work on, it’s been slow progress.

But the new design is finally finished, and now it’s up for all to see! Aside from the stylish new look, we’ve also updated our About Us page, beefed up our collection of Case Studies (well worth a read!), and generally done our best to improve the website in any way possible.

So have a browse of our new site, and see what you think of the work we’ve done. We hope you like it!

We are thrilled to announce the launch of JMD Law – a professional-looking brochure site with some charming website design! JMD Law are an established solicitor’s firm who practice out of their headquarters in the Cardiff Bay area. These Cardiff solicitors pride themselves on their expertise, efficiency, and integrity; all of which they wanted to convey in this accomplished brochure site, which is a dream to navigate. 

For this website we chose a simple yet striking website design that remains reassuringly-professional – ideal for a law firm wishing to establish a strong web presence. JMD Law were thrilled with how well their extensive list of services features neatly on the homepage, all the while retaining its stylish design! If you’d like to check out their website – or have a glance at our handy-work – then visit:

Avendor specialise in sturdy steel doors and other security hardware, and we’re pleased to announce that their new website – designed, built and optimised by the Designer Websites team – went live today. Avendor’s new online door store is a functional, modern-looking ecommerce website that allows customers to purchase a wide variety of high-quality doors, locks, panels and accessories.

The products that Avendor sell are made with security and safety in mind. Their doors are perfect for emergency exits and fire escapes, and their sturdy locks and latches offer a quick exit without making it easy for trespassers to break in from the other side. We’re pretty proud of our latest project – head over to and see what you think!