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With a bespoke white label solution, you can unleash the true power of the internet and empower your business to its full potential
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White label solutions

White Label Solutions

White label ecommerce websites are incredibly powerful in the right hands. Does your business have a great offering, a scalable structure and professionally-defined processes? If so, you could really unleash the power of the internet with a white label ecommerce solution, effectively allowing your marketing to be done by other companies promoting your products or services.

There are many models for providing a white label solution; for example, you might want to simply replicate an ecommerce website and offer it to other companies with different designs. This can be done once, twice, or hundreds of times over; this type of model allows you to set a monthly charge for the site itself, but more importantly, you’ll be arming your business with a multi-tier sales force who will use their marketing skills to sell your products.

You could also set up a white label solution for your business only. For example, if you sell a wide range of products, you may want to offer these through websites targeting different audiences, or even different sectors (retail/trade).
Ecommerce Solutions Boost your ecommerce sales by developing a white label ecommerce website solution that will allow other companies, perhaps with more marketing experience or budget, to sell your products online. One of the most expensive things to do online is marketing and optimisation, so why not let others take on this burden whilst you concentrate on managing sales and despatching products? A white label ecommerce solution allows you to let other people sell your products for you – they’ll handle the sales and marketing work while you reap the profits!
Franchise Model Whether your business is based on selling products or providing a service, you can develop a white label solution that allows your franchisees to maintain consistency within your branding guidelines and service-based offerings. This gives them their own online presence without allowing personal subjective opinions to get in the way of your corporate identity. This model allows your franchisees to develop their own brands and presences without contradicting your company’s identity.
Subscription Model If you have built a successful business model and solution, then perhaps you can monetise this and resell your knowledge on a subscription basis. Offering your system to other companies who already think it’s absolutely perfect is a great way to make consistent revenue. This can be done easily without even offering an advantage to your competitors. Offering your system to other companies can be a fantastic income generator, and we have the technical expertise necessary to set this up for you.
If you have an idea and want to talk to an experienced provider of white label websites, get in touch with Designer Websites today. Email info@designer-websites.co.uk or call 01446 339050 to discuss your white label solution.

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