Howells Legal website screenshots 

Howells Solicitors are one of our long-term customers - it's been a couple of years since we first worked on a website for them. The site we created back then was slick, stylish, and functional, but times do changes, and any businesses that want to stay successful and relevant need to change with them.

With this in mind, Howells asked us to give their website a responsive revamp. Responsive design (which ensures that your site looks good on any and all devices, 'responding' to the size of the screen you're using) is very much the 'in' thing right now, but it's far more than a mere fad. A massive slice of internet usage now occurs through smartphones and other mobile devices, and a responsive site ensures that you're attending to the needs of each and every segment of your audience. An old-fashioned site that was designed solely with desktop PCs in mind may well look rubbish when viewed on a phone, and if that's the case, it's bound to be a massive turn-off for your mobile visitors.

Not only is responsive design better for the customer - it's also better for search engines. Google now recommend responsive design as best practice, saying that such sites are far better for the ever-expanding mobile demographic. The guys at Howells knew all of this and, keen to please clients and search engines alike, they came to us and asked if we could update their site.

And, well, that's exactly what we did! We're pleased to announce that is now fully responsive, and we think that the site looks better than ever. If you need a responsive design for your website, pop over to our Quote Request page now.

Beer Bong UK screenshots

Another great new website went live last Friday - Beer Bong UK, home of all the beer bongs and drinking accessories you could ever ask for! We've been working on this site's design for a few weeks now, and we're pretty pleased with how it looks. is another responsive website, which means that it will look great and work smoothly no matter how you view it. Whether you prefer to use an iPhone, a tablet, or your trust desktop PC, we're fairly confident that you'll find this site an absolute treat!

So pop on over to now, and see what you make of our latest work. And try not to get too drunk...


Our latest website is a very special one indeed. If you watch The Apprentice, you'll already know who Dr Leah Totton is - after emerging victorious from the show's most recent series, she founded Dr Leah Clinics in partnership with Lord Alan Sugar. 

Now, you may remember that we created a website for previous Apprentice winner Ricky Martin and his company, Hyper Recruitment Solutions. Ricky was so pleased with the HRS site that he recommended us to Leah, and we're proud to announce that the Dr Leah website is now live for all to see! Visit and have a browse.

Dr Leah specialises in aesthetic medicine, and her brand new London clinic offers all kinds of safe and effective beauty treatments. These range from anti-wrinkle injections and facial fillers (useful if you want to fight those tell-tale signs of ageing) to revolutionary non-invasive liposuction procedures. You'll find all the necessary information over on the new website - you can even book a treatment online!

Here's what Leah had to say about working with Designer Websites:

"Designer Websites came highly recommended to me by former Apprentice winner Ricky Martin, who worked with them on the HRS website. I was impressed by them as a company - they were fantastic throughout the whole process, and they have created a fantastic website. A pleasure to work with, and a company I am happy to recommend to any business seeking a web designer."

- Dr Leah Totton

Thanks for the positive feedback, Leah! The whole team here at Designer Websites would like to wish Leah and Lord Sugar every success in their new venture, and we hope that everyone likes the new website.