SunSpaces website


If you'd like to add a little something extra to your garden, our latest project may well be of interest to you. We recently completed a brand new website for SunSpaces, an up-and-coming outdoor business specialising in stylish glass verandas and gorgeous garden rooms.

SunSpaces' unique selling point is their ability to provide something completely bespoke. There are several UK companies who provide sunrooms similar to those sold by the SunSpaces team, but not only do SunSpaces use better materials than most of their competitors, they are also far more flexible, offering a colossal range of options and aiming to provide a living space that's tailored to each individual customer.

The new SunSpaces site is completely responsive, allowing potential customers to research the company's garden rooms on the go and find out a little bit more when they get home. The website's purpose is to drive enquiries for the business; to get people on the phone so that the SunSpaces team can discuss the customer's options and explain in detail just what the company can do. To assist with this goal, we made sure that the company's contact details were clearly displayed at the top of each page, and that all of the content was carefully geared towards sparking those all-important enquiries.

To see the SunSpaces website for yourself - and to find out more about adding a garden room to your property - visit now.