Our clients TimberTech are a garden decking expert company and thanks to the Designer Websites team, their website has just undergone a fancy responsive make-over! Their new website utilises the highest development technology and is completely responsive, offering a seamless transition across all platforms. 

TimberTech's highly-optimised website consistently performs well in the search engines and ranks impressively for related keywords, and now they have a snazzy responsive website to match! We're really pleased with TimberTech transition to a responsive site and think their extensive range of composite decking is now magnificently on display whether you're viewing it from a tablet, a laptop, a desktop computer or a mobile device.

A responsive design is the best way of ensuring your website is thoroughly user-friendly. If you'd like a responsive design for your website then get in touch with us for a quote now.

Pop on over to TimberTech's new website and see our latest responsive design in all its glory!