Scoliosis SOS
Scoliosis SOS is a UK-based clinic that offers non-surgical treatments for scoliosis and other curvatures of the spine. Using a range of techniques - including the Schroth method, trigger point therapy, and osteopathy - the Scoliosis SOS team are able to effectively combat spinal conditions with no need for surgery; as the video below shows, this approach gets fantastic results for the Clinic's patients!
Scoliosis SOS got in touch with Designer Websites because they needed use to redesign the company website. Not only would the new site have to look more attractive and encourage more users to contact the Clinic, it would also need to have a responsive design that functioned equally well across all devices (including smartphones and tablets).
The new website went live last week and we're pleased to say that we met every requirement of the Clinic's brief. The site's layout makes it easy for scoliosis sufferers to learn about the company, its methods, and the results they can expect, and the numerous case studies and testimonials offer extensive insight from previous patients. Furthermore, our web design team delivered a sleek, responsive design that allows patients to get all the information they need regardless of what device they're using.
If you're seeking non-surgical scoliosis treatment - or if you'd just like to see our team's latest work - then visit the new Scoliosis SOS website now!
Last updated 13 September 2019