Bespoke Online Solutions

Truly successful online businesses don't just need a website that's user-friendly and optimised for search engines. More often than not, they need specialised functionality, a significant level of automation, comprehensive administration portals, integration with other business solutions...the list is long, and of course, every business has its own specific requirements.

In this post, we'd like to show you 10 quick and simple examples of the bespoke online solutions that we've created and implemented for our clients.

Example #1: Product Performance Report

This client wanted a way to see, at a glance, which products had brought in the most revenue within a given time period.

Product Performance Report

Example #2: Ecommerce Product Filter Options

This client sells appliances, and their website uses filters to allow customers to specify the features they need. This console in the back end of the website allows the business owners to add new filter options and amend existing filters as needed.

Ecommerce Product Filter

Example #3: Landing Page Manager

This tool allows our client to quickly create customised landing pages that are specifically tailored to the keywords they're targeting in their PPC ad campaigns.

Landing Page Manager

Example #4: Landing Page Analytics

The website from example #3 (see above) also features this 'Landing Page Statistics' tab that shows how each landing page is performing in terms of hits and conversions.

Landing Page Analytics

Example #5: Event Management Console

This client sells their products at farmers' markets and other events up and down the country. The website that we built for them includes this event management console, which allows them to list the details of each event they're scheduled to attend.

Event Management Console

Example #6: Ecommerce Subscription Management Tool

The client mentioned in Example #5 (see above) also offers customers a 'subscription' option, where new products are delivered monthly in exchange for a monthly subscription fee. This part of the site console allows our client to view each subscriber's name, contact details, and how many active subscriptions that person currently has. Please note that some customer information has been redacted in the screen capture below.

Ecommerce Subscription Management

Example #7: Arrivals Board (Customer Schedule)

This tool was custom-built for a business that delivers ski equipment to chalets within some of France's biggest ski resorts. This 'arrivals board' - built to be displayed on large 60-inch TV screens - tells staff at a glance when each customer is arriving and where to deliver their equipment. Please note that some customer information has been redacted in the screen capture below.

Customer Schedule

Example #8: Contractor App

We developed this app to allow a client to send jobs out to their engineers. Engineers then use the app to claim jobs, carry out health and safety assessments, take photos of the work they carry out, and get feedback from their customers.

Contractor App

Example #9: Online Quiz Creator

This tool allows our client to create and publish online driving theory tests for their customers to attempt.

Online Quiz Creator

Example #10: Video Management Tool

The client from Example #9 (above) also wanted to include hazard perception videos in their online tests. We created this console, which allows them to easily pull in videos from YouTube.

Video Management Tool

Does your website need customising?

Over the past decade, we have developed thousands of bespoke functions for our clients, ranging from quote-building tools and job management apps to simplistic reports that measure product or campaign performance.

Do you need your website to be integrated with your company's accounts package? Would your customers benefit from a streamlined online booking system? Would you like to be able to set up and track landing pages and user activity? Do you need to take automated subscription payments?

If you answered 'yes' to any of the above questions, or if you have any other bespoke functionality needs that require expert assistance, we're here to help! At Designer Websites, we have a superb track record for turning complex briefs into simple, user-friendly online solutions. We have an experienced team of highly-skilled developers, designers and marketers who are capable of producing and promoting virtually any online solution you can imagine.

We've crafted countless websites, dashboards, consoles and apps for businesses whose needs and ambitions go beyond the ordinary. No matter how unusual or how complex your processes are, we can help - please get in touch today and we'll get you on the road to greater online success.