We first developed a website for modelmakers back in 2008, at which point we concentrated on getting the website highly ranked within the search engines for terms like architectural model makers, exhibition models, fibreglass models and various other keywords. The site took a little while to get high positions but not outranks all competition and has been on page 1, in positions 1 to 3, for a couple of years now. Having achieved the ultimate goal Steve the owner now wanted to bring the style of the website up to date so that we could not only drive the traffic to the site but also impress the potential clients with an attractive and informative website. The latest version on the modelmakers website can be found here: Modelmakers.

This new website for Modelmakers also includes a blog, which allows the company to show off their model making skills, and gives them the flexibility to add new content anytime they want.

We have just launched a new promotional clothing ecommerce website for My Garment Factory based in Cardiff. The promotional clothing specialist provides a wide range of clothes for businesses, schools, universities, sports clubs etc. and wanted a full ecommerce website to be able to take orders online.

The My Garment Factory for Cardiff can be found here: My Garment Factory Cardiff

Recent research carried out by the digital edition of The Grocer magazine, has shown the website SEO of the leading supermarkets is a long way from where it should be, leaving some of the biggest names in British retail virtually invisible online.

One of the main offenders is Waitrose.com, which, after a £10million initial investment in their ecommerce website, is nowhere to be seen on the search engines for some key terms. 

The website SEO on Waitrose’s site is so poor that even Morrisons, which at present doesn’t even operate an ecommerce site, currently ranks higher.

The site is being held back by a number of technical issues you would not expect from a £10million ecommerce website. However, it is not only Waitrose who are falling behind on their website SEO.

Having looked closely at a range of website SEO factors which determine the visibility of websites on search engines such as Google, a leading digital agency found Waitrose, Ocado and the big four supermarkets were all underperforming, leaving other retailers such as Amazon to clear up in certain markets.

Simon Hall, retail manager at Google UK, said: “The supermarkets all need to improve – they’re just not getting the exposure they should. If they were to describe their content with more relevant items – such as recipes – then they would win a lot more business online.”

The proof is in the pudding and for the five most popularly searched recipes online: chocolate cake, cup cakes, Yorkshire pudding, pancakes and sloe gin, no supermarket ranked anywhere near the top ten, leaving other retailers that are more focused on their website SEO to clear up.

In a letter to The Grocer, one customer clearly expressed their discontent at the shortcomings of the Waitrose website SEO: “It’s time the operations director stepped in and sorts out this very expensive mess!”

Here at Designer Websites we put years of technical know-how and experience into our website SEO service, ensuring your site is search engine friendly and highly visible to your customers.

We've just launched a new website for air swimming flying sharks, which is a pretty simple ecommerce website. The website was fun to do and involved shooting a little video, taking still photographs, developing a flash animation and of course designing and building the ecommerce website itself. The website is linked to Facebook, Google+, Twitter, You Tube and Paypal.

We were given an an air swimming shark to play with for the week, which was good fun for the gang, the only trouble is that now everybody wants one for Christmas!

Get one of the flying sharks for yourself at Air Swimming Flying Sharks.

You’ve just invested in a fantastic new website for your business, but after a few searches you realise it’s currently ranking on page 33 of Google! How on earth will anyone ever find it? Welcome to the world of search engine optimisation (SEO).

Search engine optimisation, also referred to as website optimisation, is the process by which you improve the visibility of a website or page in the many search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. Essentially you are jumping the queue to benefit from the higher number of website visits those at the top of the results enjoy. By appearing at the top of the search rankings for the correct keywords your website will benefit from vastly increased traffic, improved brand exposure, and, best of all, a greater amount of enquiries and therefore sales.

If you are a regular internet user, you will know that people are more likely to click on and trust those companies they find at the top of the search engines, and are therefore much more likely to do business with these companies. This is why website optimisation is such a worthwhile investment and popular with marketing managers. Compared to other marketing channels website optimisation provides a very measurable ROI.

Search engine algorithms are extremely complicated and assess a huge number of different criteria to calculate the worth of a website; website optimisation techniques will help search engines to see your site as more relevant for particular keywords, helping you to appear at the top of the rankings.

So How Does Website Optimisation (SEO) Work?

In its most basic form, website optimisation can be broken down into two different types; namely onsite and offsite. Onsite SEO takes place on your website and involves all the different things you can do to make sure the search engines view your website as a relevant result for your chosen keywords.

Offsite SEO refers to those things you can do to benefit your search engine rankings which do not show up on your website. As part of an effective offsite website optimisation strategy you should consider the following:

•    Content and copywriting
•    Guest blogging
•    Link building
•    Social media
•    Video
•    Social bookmarking

All of these SEO techniques will help your site improve your overall visibility online. Once your onsite optimisation is complete, link building should be your next port of call. Every external link obtained acts as a vote of confidence which tells the search engines that your website is a useful resource. The more links you get from the right sources, the higher up the search engines you will climb.

Links constantly send search engines like Google back to your site where they will ‘crawl’ your web pages. This means that they analyse the structure, copy and any links to judge the worth of your site. The search engines then index your site ready to be returned in search results. If you optimise your website well then the search engines will return your website for lucrative, highly sought after keywords.

Website optimisation is a far more complex process than we can convey here, although we hope this article helps you to understand the basics of SEO.

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