Doctorcall website

With two state-of-the-art clinics and such famous names as Dr Christian Jessen on the staff, Doctorcall are undoubtedly among of the UK's very best private healthcare companies. While based in London and Manchester, Doctorcall do operate throughout the country, and they recently asked us to create a new website that was worthy of their nationwide renown.

To do this, we had to condense Doctorcall's long list of services - ranging from home visits to flu vaccinations, STI tests, and Botox injections - into something manageable and easy to navigate. In this respect, we believe that we have succeeded; the new site looks clean and professional, and its straightforward responsive design makes for a fantastic user experience, even on smaller screens.

The real challenge of this project was the website's multi-faceted nature; at first glance, looks like a simplistic brochure website (albeit a relatively advanced one), driving users to make enquiries and appointments using a built-in booking form. However, the site also contains ecommerce elements, enabling users to purchase a variety of home testing kits, cosmetics, and other Doctorcall products online. Additionally, we had to make sure that the site would be able to support Doctorcall's occupational health services; flight attendants, offshore oil workers, and many other professionals are required to undergo a medical examination before commencing work, and so we added a series of more specific forms to the website for people who might need to book an occupational health check with Doctorcall.

The Doctorcall website is fully integrated with an advanced clinic appointment booking system called Qinec. This integration allows patients to seamlessly book appointments online with the chosen clinic and doctor. 

Overall, we feel that the Designer Websites team overcame all challenges and produced a great-looking, highly functional website. As mentioned above, the new site is fully responsive and very easy to use - click here to visit it for yourself, and feel free to let us know what you think.