My Garment Factory Cardiff is a personalised clothing website targeted - as the name suggests - specifically at Cardiff and the surrounding area. The site was set up with the aim of cornering the custom clothing market in South Wales, and the MGF team are certainly doing well on this front; they already occupy some of the top Google results for terms like printed clothing Cardiff and embroidered clothing Cardiff.

With traffic pouring in and their website now established as a major competitor within its target market, MGF started thinking about how they might improve the service they offer. Wishing to maximise their website's conversion rate, they contacted us to ask if we could help them to make the site more mobile-friendly; they were receiving plenty of visits from smartphones and other mobile devices, and they wanted to ensure that they weren't letting this potentially valuable traffic go to waste.

So we set about creating a responsive design for My Garment Factory Cardiff, and we're pleased to announce that the new version of the website is now live. Being responsive means that the new design adapts to your screen size; for example, if you visit on a mobile phone browser, what you see will be slightly different to what a PC user would see on the same page. This allows us to optimise the website for different devices, making the personalisation process equally easy on desktop computers, smartphones, tablets, laptops, and all other devices!

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