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Email marketing revenue is estimated to reach almost £11 billion by the end of 2023 - so now is the best time to optimise your email marketing strategy! Here are 5 Email Marketing for Ecommerce Tips to make sure your email marketing campaign is effective as possible.

1. Decide on a Clear Email Strategy and Goal

The first and most important thing is to establish a clear goal for each email newsletter that you send. If you begin an email marketing campaign without a clear goal, then you may not receive the results you want. 

Ask yourself why you're developing an email strategy, and what your desired outcome is. For example, you may be launching an email campaign to boost sales, raise brand awareness or to promote a new service. 

It's vital that this is established before anything else. Ultimately, the overarching goal you decide on will have an impact on the design and content of your email newsletter, and it will drive the performance of your entire campaign.


2. Focus on Your Newsletter Design and Content

The design and content of a newsletter is your bread and butter. Begin by establishing what you want to achieve with your content and design. Remember - nobody is going to want to read information if it's not designed in an aesthetic and engaging way! 


Here are a few design elements you should consider when designing an engaging newsletter: 

  • Eye-catching graphics/illustrations
  • An organised layout/template for readability
  • Clickable social media icons
  • Design hierarchy and the placement of headings, sub-headings etc.


And, if you need some guidance on the content of your newsletter, here are the most important things to include: 


This is the use of words or phrases that prompt a response from the reader. Usually, the CTA will encourage the reader to make an action that enhances your overall goal. Always ensure that you have one main CTA for any newsletter which clearly outlines the action you would like the reader to take. 

For example, this could be 'Get in Touch with Our Team Today!' with a link to your Contact Us page. 

A Catchy Subject Line 

The subject line is the first thing a newsletter reader will see, and it has to engage them enough to click on the email. The best subject lines are usually short, snappy and personalised. 

Try to enhance the use of direct language to make the reader feel positively targeted by your business. Take a look at this article which has great examples of catchy email subject lines. The best one has a 69% open rate!

The Benefits of Your Product or Service 

It's integral that you establish credibility among your readers. Not only do you have to engage them with your copy, but you should also sell the benefits of your product or service. To do this, simply include examples of benefits within the copy of your newsletter. 

You can do this through: customer success stories, case studies, reviews, and links to credible research and sources. 

Extra Tip: Once you've finalised your website design and copy, send yourself a responsive test email before it goes live. This is to check that everything is in place and that everything works before you send it to thousands of people!

3. Utilise A/B Split Tests

One of the best things about newsletter marketing is that you can utilise A/B split tests to tailor your content to your target audience. This will make it more effective, and it will allow you to see the performance of varied elements within your newsletter.

Did you know that split testing made a $2.2 million difference to Barack Obama's email marketing campaigns? 

For example, you can run a split test to see if one element is more appealing than the other. Many people use split tests to test alternative CTA phrases, subject lines, introduction copy, and even design elements. 


4. Offer Unique Opportunities to Loyal Customers

The bottom line is: people like to feel special. Exclusivity sells, so this is something that many businesses implement into their newsletter marketing campaign. 

If you run an ecommerce business, set up a chain of automated follow-up email to customers who purchase from you frequently. Whether it be once a month or a couple of times a week, customers love to know that they're appreciated by the business they're purchasing from. You could even include an exclusive discount code or a personalised thank you message to go the extra mile. 


Most importantly, by focusing on the bigger picture, you can utilise your newsletter to gain brand awareness and enhance your sales. At Designer Websites, we're more than happy to help you out. Take a look at what we have to offer and get in touch today!

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