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According to research from, over 75 million websites have been built using a CMS. They are simple systems that allow you to build a website's content without having to code from scratch. This improves the efficiency of processes for a vast range of businesses, including ecommerce. 

Here's everything you need to know about content management systems, and how to use them to benefit and grow your business!

What Is a Content Management System (CMS)?

A Content Management System (CMS) helps businesses manage their website content. It is a platform where any and all members of a team can create, edit, optimise and publish content. CMS systems are usually quite simple, and you can use them with little technical or IT knowledge.

Many businesses choose to implement a CMS system into the back end of their website to create content efficiently and effectively, instead of coding every single detail themselves.

How Does a CMS System Work? 

A CMS system's software works in layers. Each layer has a specific purpose which supports a function. For example, within a CMS system you may find a content layer and a delivery layer

The content layer will manage the content functions such as editing, managing, drafting and storing. On the other hand, a delivery layer will assemble the content into a layout for delivery once it's published. 

The delivery layer uses an application programming interface (API) medium to request the content from the content layer. Once retrieved, this is moved through the final presentation layer which renders what the delivery layer produced onto the screen. 

The final result is what you can see as you're reading this blog right now!

What Are the Benefits of Having a CMS System? 

Built-in features

An effective CMS system will have built-in features that will allow you to build and maintain your website. This could include a dashboard, built-in SEO tools, multi-language support and cross-channel publishing features.

Easier management

There are many ways to market a business nowadays. For example, imagine a business that markets themselves through multiple mediums like print, web, app, and in-person sales. It would be easier and more efficient to manage this content and data in one place, right? That's exactly what a content management system does for you.

Robust Security

Unfortunately, there is always the risk of a data breach when you run your own business. Thankfully, CMS systems can be updated to stay ahead of potential security breaches. This is also why it's so important to keep an eye on your CMS maintenance to ensure your website, and your business, stays safe.

Accurate Analytics & Reporting

If you conduct your business's marketing through multiple channels and mediums, it can be a huge task to collate all this information for analysis and reviews. With a CMS, you can track the data of your campaigns. If you have analysis tools integrated into your CMS, then you can use this data to analyse trends and patterns which can enhance the strength and effectiveness of your future marketing campaigns and strategies.

What Is an Ecommerce CMS? 

If you run an ecommerce business, a CMS system is a vital tool for your success. Instead of helping you manage your content, it also helps you manage your online store. For example, with an ecommerce CMS, you will be able to create and edit product pages and listings.

The best features of an ecommerce CMS include:


The CMS should be easy for you to follow and it should be easy for you to create and edit your own content. 

Integrated SEO Optimisation Tools

A great feature of a good ecommerce CMS is if it has integrated on-page SEO optimisation tools. These will help you implement SEO best practices and ensure that your products rank well within a search engine results page.

Customisable UX

Another plus of your ecommerce CMS is if it lets you customise and design parts of your online store. This enhances user experience, and this is an extremely vital part of establishing brand loyalty amongst customers. Additionally, this is a great feature for adapting to current trends as time progresses.

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