We have recently launched a new website for the leading training company Olive Strachan. Olive Strachan are a global training company with headquarters in Manchester; they have a wealth of experience in management training, leadership training, customer services training and other similar business centric disciplines.

We first worked with Olive Strachan back in 2006 when we developed a site called Training Manchester (Training Manchester)for them. This site is still useful if a little dated, but now Olive Strachan wanted something a little more up to date and more in tune with their current business model, particularly as it has changed over the past 5 years. We designed a new website for them and it can be found at Olive Strachan.

We have just launched a new website for Inklusive who are a specialist ink cartridge replacement company. If you are looking for a ink cartridge replacement then we thoroughly recommend taking a look at this website.

We have recently developed a new website for the Return 2 Health Chiropractic Clinic in Barry, Vale of Glamorgan. The clinic is run by 2 female chiropractors who are both very qualified and very experienced. The practice itself looks very modern and comfortable and I can testify that the service is brilliant, having recently used them to help me with a neck injury. We would thoroughly recommend anyone looking for a chiropractor to give these guys a call.

Check out their website here: Chiropractic Clinic in Barry, Vale of Glamorgan

When you’ve got a new business idea or are determined to lead your existing business into the digital age, it is all too easy to be carried away with the excitement of it all. However, it is so important to take stock when choosing your team of website developers. It is these decisions early on which will make or break your business further down the line.

The best websites are often the most simple in nature. They provide all the information needed, but no more or less. Such websites will usually have a higher conversion rate as there are fewer distractions present for the consumer. The key to a successful team of website developers is creating a site with the right amount of content, is visually appealing and simple to navigate.

Let’s have a look at a few common mistakes website developers often make:

Too much content

A grave error indeed. High quality copy is essential as it helps to build a trusting relationship with your customer base. It is worth paying for the services of a good copywriter and fully briefing them on the ins and outs of your business, helping them to craft the words which carry the sentiment of your business directly to the end user. It is certainly worth paying for a specialist copywriter rather than doing it yourself. No more than 500-600 words should be on any one page; if possible even less. Say what needs to be said and not a word more. Web consumers scroll through pages looking for the information they need, so writing a thesis will be entirely counter-productive.

Confusing navigation

Stick with what works and don’t try to be fancy. Sometimes as website developers it is nice to be able to show off a little and really show what you can do, but website navigation is not the place. Web users are trained to expect dropdown menus at the top of the site which make it simple to manoeuvre through the site. Anything else will likely lead to confusion. Internal links are also important wherever another page is referenced. You should also ensure a Homepage link is always within reach.

TMI lead forms

Nobody wants to spend their time filling out forms; at least we hope not. Too much information (TMI) lead forms should be avoided at all costs. If a customer is filling out a lead form then they are already interested in the services or products your business offers. The last thing your website developers should be doing is reversing this decision with a clunky lead form which takes forever to fill in. This will reverse the trust your great copy, visual appeal and simple navigation managed to create.

All these points are important but ultimately you will need to strike a balance between design, SEO effectiveness and the user experience for whilst too much information can be off-putting, not enough can be detrimental, so a good balance and clear message is required.

To speak to website developers with the knowledge and experience to know exactly what makes your website sell, call Designer Websites. Our website developers have the technical know-how and intricate understanding of search engine optimisation to bring you the traffic and conversion rates your site needs.

It has been well over 2 years since we updated our own website, so back in March we decided to get on with a new design, however we have struggled since then with our schedule to fit in completing the work, anyway now we are finally at a point where our new design can go live. We believe that the new website is more informative as well as being more attractive.

We have purposely designed our website to provide a more tailored and rewarding experience for our users, depending of course on what they are looking for. We acknowledge that no client will want to read the entire site instead they will likely be looking for a specific service relevant to their needs, so for example they might be looking for an ecommerce website designer, so they hit the ecommerce specific page which provides them with a little information followed by 5 case studies to assist in their decision process. Here's how it looks..

We think the design looks great and the examples provide enough information, without going over the top, to assist potential clients with their decision to use us for their next website.

You may have also noticed that we have integrated our promotional products and promotional clothing ecommerce websites, take a look we are very proud of these sites.. Promotional Clothing

Of course being the website optimisation specialist we have optimised our own website to rank for keyword terms like websites designer, ecommerce websites, website optimisation and many many more. We obviously rank extremely well for local terms like website design cardiff or ecommerce websites Cardiff but now we need to improve our ranking on a national scale.

If you have any opinions we'd love to hear them, but please keep them constructive! Thanks for reading.

In the initial stages of website design designers look into browser consumption and which browsers are in favour with the targeted web users.  This helps designers to use the relevant code to ensure their pages look good and function well within each browser’s interface.

It can be a real challenge to keep track of what the browser market is doing.  Firefox 5, Chrome 12, and Opera 11.5 were all released last month with more updates expected in the near future.  Updates are also hard to track down with many browsers set to auto-update and others set to never update or to receive updates manually.  This can make website design harder than ever and a lot of testing at the development stage is often required.

The big news for anyone involved in website design is that July has seen the usage of Google Chrome rise above the 20% mark for the very first time.   Microsoft IE is still currently the big daddy of the browser world, but with Google firmly on their heels things could be changing in a big way which will impact website design and development.

This June saw Google Chrome 11 topple Firefox 3.6 to become the world’s second favoured browser.  However, the release of Google 12 has caused a split in Google’s user-base and Firefox 4.0 has now regained its second place position.

It’s not all good news for Mozilla though; Firefox experienced a drop of almost 1% in its user-base in June which was three times that of IE and one of the biggest declines Firefox has experienced in its lifetime.  The reasons are not clear.  Whilst Firefox 4 and 5 have been well received they have not stopped Google’s popularity or progress.  Maybe the updates and changes were a little on the radical side for some.  Those involved in the website design game have certainly been scratching their heads wondering which browser is going to give Microsoft a run for their money.

When it comes to good website design it pays to keep on top of the latest browser developments including updates and new releases.  This will ensure the correct coding and formatting of pages is carried out and that the user experience is uniform across all major browsers including IE, Chrome, Firefox and Opera.

Google once again shocked the internet world by releasing its +1 button which features as a part of its paid and organic search results. Following in the footsteps of the Facebook Like button, Google’s +1 button is incorporates user sentiment into the search results, but many question the thinking and intent behind this addition to the search results.

How does the Google +1 Button Work?
The thinking is that people respect the opinion of friends and colleagues over and above strangers or marketers – hence word of mouth has worked well for decades. Now Google want to cash in on this trend by allowing your friends and contacts to recommend websites and content in the search results by adding a +1 to that site.  So, if you are signed into a Google account you will be able to see all the sites your contacts have +1’d and likewise they will be able to see those sites you +1.

Where does the button feature?
The Google +1 button features on both organic and paid search results. Google have also produced a +1 button that can be placed within your website’s pages which allows visitors to recommend your site without having to leave it. At Designer Websites we have already begun implementing this button into a number of website designs making it much easier for our client’s customers to share products, news and special offers.

How will this effect SEO?
The best indication we have so far as to how this new button effects search results comes from the following statement from Google, “We’ll also start to look at +1’s as one of the many signals we use to determine a page’s relevance and ranking, including social signals from other services. For +1's, as with any new ranking signal, we'll be starting carefully and learning how those signals affect search quality over time.” Those sceptical about this new development cite the opportunity for the button to be manipulated through false Google accounts to distort rankings. No doubt Google have thought hard on this and will be monitoring such behaviour closely.

For additional information and details on Google’s +1 button visit Google’s Webmaster Blog.

We have just launched a new website MPI (Medical and Professional Investment LLP) a tailored financial advice service for Doctors. Medical & Professional Investment LLP specialise in providing expert and impartial financial advice to medical professionals. With their thorough understanding of the medical profession and the unique and specific financial needs MPI wanted a website to represent their expert knowledge.

The website is located here.. Medical and Professional Investment LLP

We were approached by iola who are a leading supplier of beautiful and functional indoor and outdoor rattan furniture earlier this year when they wanted a website to represent Iola in the United Kingdom. We launched their United Kingdom website in April 2011 and they were really pleased with the results and subsequently wanted a website for their New Zealand business. As with their United Kingdom website they wanted it to look good and perform well in the search engines. Iola’s all weather rattan furniture creations are exclusively from Australia and New Zealand and are hand crafted by their team of master weavers, originating from Cebu in the Philippines, and produced in their state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, with exacting standards for quality.

So if you are looking for great rattan furniture for your conservatory or garden then you simply will not find better quality or designs and a more professional service.  We are certain you will be impressed with Iola.

The New Zealand website is located here..
Iola Rattan Furniture New Zealand

Remember they also have a United Kingdom website
Iola Rattan Furniture UK


We were approached by iola who are a leading suppliers of beautiful and functional indoor and outdoor rattan furniture. They came to us with the requirement of designing a professional website to represent their rattan furniture business. The website was to look good and perform well in the search engines for searches related to rattan furniture across the United Kingdom.

Iola’s all weather rattan furniture creations are exclusively from Australia and New Zealand and are hand crafted by their team of master weavers, originating from Cebu in the Philippines, and produced in their state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities, with exacting standards for quality.

So if you are looking for a piece of rattan furniture for your conservatory or garden then you simply will not find better quality or designs and a more professional service. We are certain you will be impressed.

The website is located here.. iola rattan furniture

We have designed and developed a small business website for a fitness equipment specialist. Howard G Davies Associates are a health and safety consultancy for health and fitness equipment. The site is a pretty simplistic brochure which we designed and developed, it also has basic search engine optimisation for keyword like fitness equipment safety consultants and exercise equipment safety consultants etc.

You can see the website here.. Fitness Equipment Safety Specialists

We have just designed and developed a new website for the 1st Stop Driving School, a driving instructor company based in Cardiff, South Wales. This driving instructor had previously taught one of our developers (Rory) to drive and he successfully passed first time; and is now teaching Jason's oldest son to drive.. good luck Andrew! Our first hand experience of the company is great and they have proven that as far as driving instructors go they are among the best in the country. If you are learning to drive, or you know someone who want to learn to drive then we would thoroughly recommend this driving school, especially if you are local to Cardiff. Take a look at the website..

Driving Instructor in Cardiff.

The South East Wales IPG tasked us with creating a new website for their group. The website had to be easy to update in terms on notices, announcements and meeting updates; we accomplished this with a simple brochure site with 3 separate integrated blogs, which makes the updates very simple and quick to manage.

The SEWIPG website can be viewed here.. South East Wales IPG.

We have just launched a new transport jobs website for a haulage specialist in the UK. The client approached us with the requirement to create a sophisticated transport jobs website that effectively creates and promotes a community of haulage companies online. The 'community' can share transport jobs and advertise empty vehicles, which helps to make haulage companies more efficient and more profitable.

The website allows haulage companies to join, create a profile and upload empty vehicles or transport jobs. The administrator of the website then has control over website content, ports, user accounts etc.

It's a very clever system and provides a fantastic service to the haulage industry, hence the name Container Community is very apt.

If you are a UK haulage company and want to become more efficient and profitable then we thoroughly recommend 'Container Community'.

Many individuals new to the world of online marketing have no idea that their website’s name can impact greatly on the results they can expect to achieve from search engine optimisation. For this reason, it is an excellent idea to consult professional online marketers before deciding on the domain for your website. This can make the whole website optimisation process a lot more effective.

As you may already be aware, links to a website are incredibly important to high search engine rankings. The text associated with these links – known as anchor text – is one of the main SEO factors when it comes to optimising a site. Getting this text just right is of the utmost importance.

If you have picked the website name badly, i.e. very few people use that name to find your products or services online, then the SEO impact of the links bearing your website name will be minimal. For example a link to “Designer Websites Ltd” contains our keywords “Websites Designer” or “Websites”.

Traditionally, the branding of a business was critical to its success. Whilst branding is still very important it is obvious that it has become more important to be found on the Internet than almost anything else. These days the most appealing or witty business name is of little use unless you have a particularly large advertising budget and people are using the search engines to search for your specific business name.

When deciding on the domain name for your website some compromises may have to be made. In the majority of cases, the perfect domain name for your business will already be owned by a competitor. For this reason, it is essential to carry out keyword research into your market to find out if you can identify a niche that has been missed by the other businesses in your market. A perfect keyword to base your business and domain name around would be one that has a large number of searches, but a low level of competition. This will make it far easier to appear high up in the search engines, as there will not be such a large number of businesses battling against you.

For more information on any element of domain name choice or website optimisation contact Designer Websites Ltd.