Howard G Davies & Associates

The internet is always changing, as are the rules and standards of web design. What looked fantastic five years ago will probably look very outdated today, and we are frequently asked to redesign our clients' websites to help them stay current and impress the current generation of web users.

Howard G Davies recently asked us to refresh his website, which was beginning to look a little bit tired by 2015 standards. As usual, our design team rose to the challenge, combining a bold blue-and-white colour scheme with carefully-chosen images and a simple, eye-catching layout to ensure that the revitalised website would look bang up to date.

Howard G Davies & Associates are a team of safety consultants specialising in fitness equipment, which means that they inspect exercise machinery before it is distributed and sold. They also help gym owners to ensure that their premises are as safe as possible, and in the event of a fitness-related accident, Howard and his team can serve as expert witnesses during any proceedings that follow.

Visit to find out more and to see what our designers have done with this website.

Doctorcall website

With two state-of-the-art clinics and such famous names as Dr Christian Jessen on the staff, Doctorcall are undoubtedly among of the UK's very best private healthcare companies. While based in London and Manchester, Doctorcall do operate throughout the country, and they recently asked us to create a new website that was worthy of their nationwide renown.

To do this, we had to condense Doctorcall's long list of services - ranging from home visits to flu vaccinations, STI tests, and Botox injections - into something manageable and easy to navigate. In this respect, we believe that we have succeeded; the new site looks clean and professional, and its straightforward responsive design makes for a fantastic user experience, even on smaller screens.

The real challenge of this project was the website's multi-faceted nature; at first glance, looks like a simplistic brochure website (albeit a relatively advanced one), driving users to make enquiries and appointments using a built-in booking form. However, the site also contains ecommerce elements, enabling users to purchase a variety of home testing kits, cosmetics, and other Doctorcall products online. Additionally, we had to make sure that the site would be able to support Doctorcall's occupational health services; flight attendants, offshore oil workers, and many other professionals are required to undergo a medical examination before commencing work, and so we added a series of more specific forms to the website for people who might need to book an occupational health check with Doctorcall.

The Doctorcall website is fully integrated with an advanced clinic appointment booking system called Qinec. This integration allows patients to seamlessly book appointments online with the chosen clinic and doctor. 

Overall, we feel that the Designer Websites team overcame all challenges and produced a great-looking, highly functional website. As mentioned above, the new site is fully responsive and very easy to use - click here to visit it for yourself, and feel free to let us know what you think.

PrimaPorcelain site screenshots 

Back in 2013, we created a website called Owned by outdoor specialists Greensquares, this site was specifically designed to show off the company's stylish range of porcelain tiles and paving slabs to potential customers. has proven extremely successful indeed, receiving a very healthy amount of traffic and allowing Greensquares to make these paving products a much larger element of their overall business. In fact, their porcelain range now has a brand name of its own: PrimaPorcelain.

Of course, a new brand calls for a new design, and we have recently been working hard to turn the old porcelain paving website into the new PrimaPorcelain website.

This doesn't just mean that we've been changing a few bits of text - the site has been given a complete overhaul, and now has an elegant responsive design and an intuitive new 'Product Selector' tool that allows customers to filter PrimaPorcelain's range (which has grown exponentially since 2013!) by colour, texture, and indoor/outdoor use.

The new PrimaPorcelain website is a big step up for the brand, and we hope that it will be even more successful now than it was in its old guise. Click here to visit

Screenshots from the new Training Courses Wales website

If you've ever felt like quitting your job and starting a completely new career, our latest project may well be of interest to you. We've been putting together a brochure website for Training Courses Wales, a company who specialise (as their name would suggest) in vocational training courses. The site went live yesterday, which means that budding plumbers, electricians, gas engineers and construction workers can now book onto relevant training courses right here in Wales.

The local factor is a big part of what Training Courses Wales are all about. They realised that many, many more people would be willing to train for a job in the trade industry if they didn't have to travel so far; catching trains, booking accommodation, and going days without seeing one's family are all big obstacles on the path to a new career. Would-be electricians in Swansea, for example, may previously have chosen not to undertake professional training because they couldn't make it to London or Manchester for a good quality course.

That's where this new website comes in. Training Courses Wales provide vocational training courses throughout South Wales, allowing a lot of people to start the career that they always wanted to have. The TCW site contains details on all of the different qualifications that you can gain from their courses, along with a slick enquiry form that interested parties can use to get in touch. If you want to see what exciting new occupations are at your feet, or if you just want to see an example of our handiwork, pop over to now.

You may notice that the Designer Websites site looks a little different today, and that’s because our new and improved website design has just gone live! We’ve wanted to revamp the site for some time now, but with so many client websites to work on, it’s been slow progress.

But the new design is finally finished, and now it’s up for all to see! Aside from the stylish new look, we’ve also updated our About Us page, beefed up our collection of Case Studies (well worth a read!), and generally done our best to improve the website in any way possible.

So have a browse of our new site, and see what you think of the work we’ve done. We hope you like it!