Japanese knotweed removal

We’ve been working on this new website for our esteemed client, Japanese Knotweed Removal. Japanese Knotweed Removal specialise in the control and removal of the invasive weed, Japanese knotweed. Some of the knotweed treatments plans they offer include herbicide, excavation and burial, and excavation and removal. 

When they came to us asking for a new website we couldn't wait to get our teeth stuck into this new project, and now we’re excited to announce that it’s finally live!

Take a Look!


This new website features a host of exciting features, including:


A Stunning New Logo: Japanese Knotweed Removal needed a new logo, and our designers were happy to deliver! We incorporated the site colours and an artistic design featuring a leaf, as our client specializes in the control and removal of the invasive weed.

New Site Design: We gave this website a beautiful new site design, easy for any site visitors to navigate. It's very easy on the eyes, if we do say so ourselves!

An Integrated survey Form: Any potential clients wishing to make an enquiry can use the handy and easy-to-use survey form provided, making enquires quick and easy to make, and quick and easy to respond to!

Outstanding Copy: This site needed its copy written from scratch, and our team of copywriters accepted the task! They provided every page with copy outlining the services provided by our client eloquently and succinctly.


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