Gadget Inspector screenshots 

We're always busy here at DW, but things have been particularly hectic over the past couple of weeks. We've been hard at work on a new, responsive design for the Gadget Inspector website, and we're pleased to announce that it's finally complete!

For the uninitiated, Gadget Inspector is an online gadget store that's been doing roaring trade for the past three years. These self-professed 'gadget enthusiasts' decided that their website was beginning to look a little bit dated, and so they come to us for help - after all, if you're selling cutting-edge gadgetry, you ought to have a cutting-edge website to go with it.

And that's exactly what we've provided: a cutting-edge website that's perfectly-suited to Gadget Inspector's weird and wonderful product range! The company's new site is packed with eye-catching lifestyle images, and each product page is packed with information about the relevant item. Oh, and the fully responsive design means that Gadget Inspector looks great now matter what device you're viewing it on!

We're biased, of course, but we really think that the new and improved is the perfect place to shop for gadgets and gifts (which is pretty handy, given that Christmas is just around the corner!)