Gibran site previews

Gibran is a not-for-profit organisation based in Monmouthshire. They work with female (and, more recently, male) offenders throughout Wales, helping and supporting them while they rebuild their lives.

Gibran approached Designer Websites because they wanted their website to look more modern and give visitors a better experience. They wanted a good place to talk about their projects and events, but more importantly, they needed to give vulnerable people a quick, easy way to get in touch with the Gibran team.

The new Gibran website is now live, and we feel that it fulfils every aspect of the brief we were given. The responsive design is equally easy to navigate on all screen sizes, allowing those who need Gibran's help to access and use the organisation's site via smartphone, tablet, desktop computer, and any other device - whatever is easiest for them. Information about Gibran's work is laid out clearly on all pages, and every page has an enquiry form in the footer, allowing quick contact from any point in the website.

Gibran's cause is a very worth one indeed, and we hope that this new site serves their purposes well. Click here to see the website and learn more about Gibran UK.