Back in 2018, Apprentice winner Ricky Martin approached us with a creative idea for a quiz that would allow people to find out which type of scientist they are.

This quiz was a great hit when it first launched and continues to drive lots of traffic to the Hyper Recruitment Solutions website today, so it was no surprise when they reached out to us to see if we could replicate this success with a brand new quiz - Which Famous British Scientist Are You?

The creation of the quiz


To create the quiz, we knew we'd need to start by looking for well-known British scientists. Thankfully, there are lots of talented scientists (both past and present) to choose from, so we had no trouble curating a list of famous British scientists that had made notable contributions to the industry. We then drafted a profile for each scientist that would show in the results pages of the quiz.


Once we had the profiles of the different scientists in front of us, we were able to devise a list of 18 engaging questions that would categorise people according to their interests, personalities and more. We spent a lot of time fine-tuning the questions to make sure that the scientist who was shown at the end was a good fit. 


Next, our developers worked their magic and put the whole thing together. It was vital that the quiz would load quickly and run smoothly so that people wouldn't get frustrated and click off halfway through. The quiz that we produced met Hyper Recruitment Solution's high standards and worked seamlessly - take a look for yourself!

Promoting the quiz

Once the quiz was up and running & we knew the Hyper Recruitment Solutions team were happy with it, our SEO/PPC team organised a marketing meeting to discuss a strategy for promotion. We agreed that Facebook advertising was the way to go, and put a plan in place that would allow us to target people of different ages and educational levels. 

The campaign was split to target 3 different demographics, one targeted university students, one targeted postgraduate students and one targeted high-school students. All 3 ads performed well, but it was the university ad group that generated the most quiz completions (2,303 in only 21 days!)

In May 2021, the new quiz was completed over 4,800 times! It was a huge success and encouraged hundreds of people to visit the Hyper Recruitment Solutions website. If you'd like to create something similar to engage with your potential customers, don't hesitate to get in touch.

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