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50cal Detailing are based in Belfast Harbour, and they specialise in high-calibre car detailing products such as wax and polish. They're still a fairly young business, but they're serious about what they do, and their products took years of research to perfect.

The 50cal website has just gone live, and we think it's one of the most eye-catching we've ever created. It's got a sleek black design and a responsive layout that looks great on smaller screens (smartphones and other mobile devices) as well as on desktop PCs. Moreover, 50cal's intuitive ecommerce website makes it easy for potential customers to find the product that's right for them - whether you're looking for wax, car wash foam, wheel cleaner, or something else again, you'll find it in a matter of seconds.

Don't believe us? Visit, have a click around, and see what you make of our latest work!