Spectrum Displays

Spectrum Displays specialise in the design, construction and installation of film and television sets, as well as display stands and conference sets for special events. They also offer digital print and signage services to businesses who are looking to be more visually engaging. 

Despite having years of experience in the industry and a proven track record of success on a number of exciting projects, Spectrum did not previously have a website on which to display their vast portfolio of work and reach out to new clients. Attractive, engaging online content is vital for the continued success of businesses in the modern world, and now that their brand new site has gone live, Spectrum have a platform that will allow them to expand and improve their business.

The bespoke design of Spectrum's new website ensures that they are able to reach new customers in an appealing and visually exciting way. It is also fully responsive, thereby improving the usability of the website on smartphones and tablets and making it completely accessible and user-friendly for anyone visiting the site.

Due to the nature of Spectrum's business, it was essential to ensure that the website made prominent use of visual features. The use of photography is prevalent across the entirety of the new site, contributing to a clear and compelling reflection of the company's previous work. The subcategories of each speciality title lead to a gallery of images, which can be viewed as an online portfolio of Spectrum's previous work. 

While it was important to provide examples that placed emphasis on the finished product supplied by the company, it was also vital to present potential customers with familiar brand names in order to further endorse Spectrum's reputability. For this reason, client logos such as that of the BBC and ITV are prominently featured at the bottom of the homepage; this serves as a visual indicator that Spectrum have worked with some of the biggest names in the film and TV industry. 

Click here to explore Spectrum Displays' new dynamic website for yourself.
Psmicrographs responsive website

Have you ever seen a photo of something microscopic (such as a dust mite or a red blood cell) and wondered how that photo was taken? Well, there's a high probability that it was captured using a scanning electron microscope, or SEM; there's also a reasonably good chance that it was taken by the team at PSmicrographs, who specialise in SEM photography and provide a huge variety of detailed stock images to the people and the organisations who need them.

PSmicrographs recently contacted us because they wanted to update their website. The company's bosses had noticed a sharp increase in mobile traffic (that is, the number of users viewing the PSmicrographs site on a mobile device), and they were concerned that their website's design wasn't properly optimised for smartphones and other small screens.

We quoted PSmicrographs for a responsive website design, and work was soon under way to make their extensive image library easier to browse on mobile devices. That work has now been completed, and www.psmicrographs.co.uk is now a fully responsive website, functioning just as well on smartphones and tablets as on desktop computers.

If you need scientific stock photos of anything from chromosomes to wolf spiders, we heartily recommend that you visit the PSmicrographs website and browse their comprehensive collection of SEM images. Whether you're browsing the website on a PC, an iPad, or your mobile phone, we are confident that you'll find it easy to navigate and a joy to use in general.
Cross Accounting Service website

Based in the Rhiwbina district of Cardiff, Cross Accounting offer a wide range of accounting services for businesses of all sizes. The firm's specialities include bookkeeping, managing payrolls, and assisting with self-assessment tax returns; with years of experience and a flawless track record, Cross are among the leading accountancy firms in South Wales, and they're taking on new clients all the time.

As the owner of a growing business with a great reputation to uphold, Cross Accounting founder Nicola Cross was keen to ensure that her firm's website was providing potential clients with the best possible online experience. She recently asked our website design team to take a look at her site with a view to making it a little more mobile-friendly, and we're pleased to announce that the new, responsive version of the Cross Accounting website was released yesterday.

This version of the site has been designed to look good and operate smoothly on screens of all sizes, from desktop computers and laptops right down to tablets and smartphones. Mobile users see all the same information about the firm, but the site's navigation automatically changes to fit the smaller view, making it easier for clients to find what they're looking for on their phones.

We're very pleased to have worked with Cross Accounting, and we wish Nicola and her team all the best for the future. If you're based in South Wales and you need an expert accountant for your business, be sure to get in touch!
HenStuff's new website

HenStuff.co.uk is an ecommerce website that sells a huge variety of hen party accessories and novelty gifts. The site attracts a colossal number of visitors - especially at this time of year - and desktop users only account for around 50% of this traffic. The others are using smartphones, tablets, and other portable devices to shop for their hen party supplies.

In light of this fact, the HenStuff team decided that it was time to go responsive. They contacted Designer Websites and asked us to come up with a responsive design that would give mobile users a better experience on the HenStuff website. They also requested an updated payment system that would make it easier for their customers to complete online purchases.

Responsive Design

HenStuff's old website was good-looking and reasonably user-friendly, but it had been designed with desktop computers in mind, and didn't cater to mobile users very well. We addressed this by creating a brand new responsive design that adapts to the screen on which it is viewed, meaning that all visitors now get an equally excellent browsing experience, regardless of what kind of device they're using.

The HenStuff brand has been around for quite a few years now, and it was important for the new website to retain the image and personality that the company has established for itself over time. As we reimagined and restructured the HenStuff site, our design team kept a close eye on all branding elements (including logos, site copy, and images used) to ensure that everything remained consistent - after all, we wanted to make sure that HenStuff's customers still recognised their favourite party store!

Improved Payment System

The new HenStuff site uses Sage Pay Version 3, the latest version of Sage Pay's much-lauded payment gateway, to process customer payments. Simple, user-friendly, and exceptionally secure, we feel that Sage Pay is a superb choice for any ecommerce website, and HenStuff have already been reaping the benefits of this improved system (as have their customers!)

Tokenisation is a major feature of Sage Pay's latest version, and we incorporated this functionality into the new HenStuff website to make life easier for loyal shoppers. Customers can now make use of a Fast Pay option, which uses Sage Pay's fast and hyper-secure token system to store customer details, allowing near-instant checkout on future purchases.

This is a particularly great feature for HenStuff, a company that gets a lot of business from repeat customers who organise/attend a lot of hen parties. HenStuff.co.uk is one of the first websites in the hen party industry to utilise a tokenisation option like this, and this - together with the new, mobile-friendly design - will really help to give the company an edge over its competitors.

Visit www.henstuff.co.uk now to see our latest work for yourself!
HawkinsThomas website

HawkinsThomas are a team of chartered financial planners with offices in both London and Cardiff. Their company motto - "Life is not a rehearsal" - should give you a good idea of how HawkinsThomas operate; they aim to help their clients live their lives the full without having to worry about money.

This lifestyle-focused approach to financial planning is very refreshing indeed, and when the HawkinsThomas team asked us to create their new business website, we were determined to provide a solution that reflected their positive, dynamic attitude. The new site would have to look fresh and modern whilst maintaining the firm's professional image; it would have to present the available services in a simple, eye-catching way; and it would have to be optimised for mobile devices, as well as for desktop computers.

The new HawkinsThomas website went live yesterday, and we're pleased to report that all of the above criteria have been well and truly met. The site has a sleek, attractive design that's perfectly suited to the firm's professional yet friendly image, and the navigation makes it extremely easy for potential clients to contact HawkinsThomas for more information. Also, the site is fully responsive, so whether you view it on a PC, an iPad, a smartphone, or any other device, you'll get a truly outstanding user experience.

Visit www.hawkinsthomas.co.uk to learn more about HawkinsThomas and see our latest work for yourself.