New Sandison Easson Website

With offices in both Cheshire and London, Sandison Easson & Co. are among the UK's leading medical accounting firms. Catering exclusively to clients in the medical and dental fields, the Sandison Easson team provide a wide variety of specialist services, including:

  • Annual accounts
  • Tax declarations
  • Bookkeeping
  • Business structure advice

The firm's clients include GP practices, consultants, registrars, and dental clinics.

Why did Sandison Easson come to us?

The Sandison Easson team got in touch with Designer Websites because their website was old, dated, and not particularly representative of the highly professional service they provide. We were asked to design and develop a responsive brochure website that would meet the following criteria:

  • Design tailored to Sandison Easson's target audience (doctors, dentists, practice managers, etc.)
  • Information about the firm's services presented in a clear, easy-to-digest format
  • Emphasis on Sandison Easson's status as highly knowledgeable and experienced specialists

In addition to the mobile-friendly design and easy-to-use enquiry form, the new Sandison Easson website features a professional-looking 'Meet the Team' page, a client login function, and a blog where the firm will be able to share all their latest updates and insights. See the site for yourself at

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PrimaPorcelain's New Website

We recently told you about the new website we created for TimberTech, one of the UK's leading suppliers of composite decking. TimberTech UK is part of Greensquares, a British company specialising in a variety of high-quality/low-maintenance solutions for the home and garden; Greensquares have a whole family of websites showcasing different parts of their extensive product range, and the TimberTech site wasn't the only one they asked us to update for 2017.

PrimaPorcelain is the brand under which Greensquares provide a whole host of gorgeous porcelain tiles and paving slabs to customers right across the country. With nearly 40 different colours and styles - all of which can be used internally or externally - available to order from stock, PrimaPorcelain have the perfect porcelain flooring solution for practically any project, and their low-porosity products are every bit as practical and low-maintenance as TimberTech's composite deck boards.

Greensquares asked us to revamp the PrimaPorcelain website in order to better show off their beautiful porcelain tiles and give customers a keener sense of the possibilities afforded by these products. The new design, which is now live here, is fully responsive and offers a great user experience across all devices. It also shows off PrimaPorcelain's tiles in spectacular fashion, with amazing photographs of the tiles in situ sitting alongside hi-res images of the products that really give you a feel for their irresistible texture.

We also worked to improve PrimaPorcelain's product selector tool, making it easier than ever for site visitors to compare their options side-by-side and order up to 3 free tile samples to assist with the decision-making process.

If you're thinking of revamping your home and/or garden, be sure to visit the new PrimaPorcelain website and see what they have to offer. Alternatively, if you need an expertly-designed website for your business, please click here to get in touch with Designer Websites and request a quotation.
TimberTech Decking Website

TimberTech are one of the UK's leading suppliers of composite decking, a low-maintenance alternative to wooden decking that has become hugely popular over the last few years. We at Designer Websites have counted TimberTech as a valued client for quite some time now, and we are pleased to announce that we recently completed a total overhaul of the company's website, redesigning it from the ground up in order to enhance its visual appeal and provide a better experience for TimberTech's ever-expanding mobile user base.

The new website, which went live earlier today, boasts an attractive, contemporary design that puts TimberTech's gorgeous decking products front and centre. Our design team worked hard to emphasise the outstanding technical specifications of these composite decking boards without getting in the way of the eye-catching visuals that will, at the end of the day, really move people to pick up the phone or order a free sample.

The result is a website that works wonderfully on all devices and allows potential customers to find out all about TimberTech's various decking products while simultaneously seeing numerous examples of just how great those boards look in situ. We are very proud of the new and improved TimberTech website, and we hope that you enjoy browsing it just as much as we enjoyed designing it!

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JSM Responsive Website

JSM Models & Effects called up the Designer Websites office recently because they wanted to give their online presence an overhaul. JSM create all kinds of amazing models and visuals for projects large and small; however, their rather dated website wasn't really doing the company's work justice, and so they asked us to come up with an attractive, modern-looking design that would capture both the attention and the imagination of potential clients.

As ever, our web design experts were more than up to the task, and we believe we've succeeded in producing a website that's worthy of JSM's spectacular creations.

All images courtesy of JSM Model Makers

The new website has a responsive design, which means that it's easy to use and appealing to look at no matter what device you're using. The design automatically adapts to the screen on which it's viewed, resulting in a superb user experience for everyone.

It's always a joy to create a website like this one, because the visual elements (photos of JSM's models, in this case) do most of the talking. That being said, there are a lot of other things to take into account behind the scenes, and we all worked very hard to ensure that every element of the new JSM website was spot on. Our UI and dev teams concentrated on delivering a smooth, intuitive journey through the website, while our SEO specialists collaborated closely with the guys at JSM to make sure that the site copy was search engine-friendly while also appealing to the company's target audience.

All in all, this was a very enjoyable project to work on, and we hope that JSM are as happy with the finished website as we are. To see it for yourself, visit now.

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No Comply Brands

Do you consider yourself a drinks connoisseur? If so, you may well want to take a look at our latest website!

No Comply Brands are a branded drinks agency who work with small, independent drinks businesses and help them to get their products to a wider audience. Their partners include Two Birds, who craft a variety of English countryside spirits, and Original, who make tonic water that's infused with the tastes of the Mediterranean.

Two Birds Spirits & Original Tonic Water

No Comply asked us to create a dynamic, modern-looking website that would show off these brands in the best way imaginable. We worked closely with them to ensure that the new site met their expectations, and we're pleased to announce that went live yesterday. The website includes:

Responsive Design 
No Comply wanted their new site to look just as good on smartphones and tablets as on desktop PCs. With this in mind, our web designers created a sleek, responsive website that adapts to the screen on which it's viewed.

Serving Suggestions
The beverages sold by No Comply's partners are perfect for cocktails, and so the company asked us to build a blog engine into their website to allow them to upload cocktail recipes and share them with followers on social media.
Cocktail recipes
Contact Form
The No Comply website makes it easy for interested parties to get in touch with the company, either via the online enquiry form or via the company's various social media accounts.

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Cross Accounting Service website

Based in the Rhiwbina district of Cardiff, Cross Accounting offer a wide range of accounting services for businesses of all sizes. The firm's specialities include bookkeeping, managing payrolls, and assisting with self-assessment tax returns; with years of experience and a flawless track record, Cross are among the leading accountancy firms in South Wales, and they're taking on new clients all the time.

As the owner of a growing business with a great reputation to uphold, Cross Accounting founder Nicola Cross was keen to ensure that her firm's website was providing potential clients with the best possible online experience. She recently asked our website design team to take a look at her site with a view to making it a little more mobile-friendly, and we're pleased to announce that the new, responsive version of the Cross Accounting website was released yesterday.

This version of the site has been designed to look good and operate smoothly on screens of all sizes, from desktop computers and laptops right down to tablets and smartphones. Mobile users see all the same information about the firm, but the site's navigation automatically changes to fit the smaller view, making it easier for clients to find what they're looking for on their phones.

We're very pleased to have worked with Cross Accounting, and we wish Nicola and her team all the best for the future. If you're based in South Wales and you need an expert accountant for your business, be sure to get in touch!
Rio Surgery responsive website

With highly skilled staff and a state-of-the-art clinic in one of Portugal's top tourist destinations, Rio Surgery are among the world's top providers of cosmetic surgery treatments. From breast augmentation and facelifts to liposuction and tummy tucks, they offer a very wide range of procedures, all of which are performed by experienced plastic surgeons with superb track records.

More and more Britons have been opting to go abroad for plastic surgery of late, and Rio Surgery's bosses were keen to capitalise on this increase in so-called 'cosmetic tourism' by promoting their services to the UK market. To do this, they needed an English-language website on a domain, and that's where Designer Websites entered the fray - we designed and developed Rio Surgery's entire website from scratch, creaing a professional-looking online presence that the company can now use to reach a whole new market.

In addition to the sleek, responsive design and the user-friendly enquiry system, the Designer Websites team also supplied much of the copy for this website, ensuring that English speakers would find it easy to navigate the website. While Rio Surgery are based in Portugal, everyone at the clinic speaks fluent English, and it was important for us to make sure that potential clients weren't worried about language barriers getting in the way of their treatments.

So, if you want to combine your plastic surgery procedure with a luxurious holiday in Portugal, visit now. We can't recommend them highly enough; they've been a joy to deal with, and we hope that they're as proud of their new website as we are!

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HawkinsThomas website

HawkinsThomas are a team of chartered financial planners with offices in both London and Cardiff. Their company motto - "Life is not a rehearsal" - should give you a good idea of how HawkinsThomas operate; they aim to help their clients live their lives the full without having to worry about money.

This lifestyle-focused approach to financial planning is very refreshing indeed, and when the HawkinsThomas team asked us to create their new business website, we were determined to provide a solution that reflected their positive, dynamic attitude. The new site would have to look fresh and modern whilst maintaining the firm's professional image; it would have to present the available services in a simple, eye-catching way; and it would have to be optimised for mobile devices, as well as for desktop computers.

The new HawkinsThomas website went live yesterday, and we're pleased to report that all of the above criteria have been well and truly met. The site has a sleek, attractive design that's perfectly suited to the firm's professional yet friendly image, and the navigation makes it extremely easy for potential clients to contact HawkinsThomas for more information. Also, the site is fully responsive, so whether you view it on a PC, an iPad, a smartphone, or any other device, you'll get a truly outstanding user experience.

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Port Painters website preview

Port Painters aren't your average painting and decorating company. They are a team of industrial painting contractors, which means that they provide protective coatings for huge structures like stadiums and chemical plants. You may be familiar with some of their work - their previous projects include Liberty Stadium, Cardiff City Stadium, and the Cardiff Bay Barrage, among other major South Welsh landmarks.

An impressive resumé like that deserves to be shown off, and that's why Port Painters came to us. The company's previous website was old-fashioned and plain-looking; we were asked to update it, to give Port Painters a new online representation that would present them as a dynamic, modern company (albeit one with four decades of experience!)

The new Port Painters website went live today, and we hope that the company are as happy with it as we are. The outdated grey design has been replaced by a more vibrant blue-and-white colour scheme, and the new site's layout is far easier to navigate than before. Overall, the new site is simply a far better advertisement for Port Painters; for example, their high-profile previous projects were represented by plain text on the old site, but the new 'Portfolio' page uses hi-res photographs of the Liberty Stadium et al to really drive home the company's outstanding credentials.

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