We have just developed a fancy dress costumes ecommerce website for Freeda Promotions. It's the latest in a series of ecommerce websites for the growing online retailer.

The costumes website was actually great fun to develop and we really enjoyed putting the design work together for it. The client is extremely pleased with the results and has provided very favourable feedback for the Designer Websites team who worked on the website.

The website contains automated feeds from costume suppliers as well as allow the owners to add in their own products and products from other suppliers. The ecommerce website has a fully automated ordering process for some of the suppliers of costumes and a semi-automated ordering process for other suppliers. The website is very optimised, very sophisticated and actually looks pretty good.. we think anyway!

If you are looking for a fancy dress costumes website then we highly recommend these guys.. check out Zule at Fancy Dress Costumes.

We have just launched a fantastic new ecommerce website called Gadget Inspector and this has been one very distracting site to build! As nerds you can probably appreciate that we love gadgets and gizmos, so we've probably spent as much time admiring the gadgets and toys on this site as we have building it. We have an office full of rc helicopters and iPhone toys.. well, we simply had to test these gadgets!

I know these guys are only just building their online catalogue but I think they'll be the next big gadget site on the Internet.

We have just launched a new website for Inklusive who are a specialist ink cartridge replacement company. If you are looking for a ink cartridge replacement then we thoroughly recommend taking a look at this website.

We have just launched a new promotional clothing ecommerce website for My Garment Factory based in Cardiff. The promotional clothing specialist provides a wide range of clothes for businesses, schools, universities, sports clubs etc. and wanted a full ecommerce website to be able to take orders online.

The My Garment Factory for Cardiff can be found here: My Garment Factory Cardiff

We've just launched a new website for air swimming flying sharks, which is a pretty simple ecommerce website. The website was fun to do and involved shooting a little video, taking still photographs, developing a flash animation and of course designing and building the ecommerce website itself. The website is linked to Facebook, Google+, Twitter, You Tube and Paypal.

We were given an an air swimming shark to play with for the week, which was good fun for the gang, the only trouble is that now everybody wants one for Christmas!

Get one of the flying sharks for yourself at Air Swimming Flying Sharks.