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How to Sell Online

To sell online, you’ll need to choose an ecommerce platform, which allows you to manage the selling and advertising of your products. While platforms such as Ebay and Amazon allow businesses to sell online using their website in exchange for a fee, a self-hosted ecommerce platform allows business owners to fully manage the marketing and selling of their products, down to the fine details.

To sell online successfully, you’ll need to start by identifying the needs of your target market, and should also review your competition. This will influence the choices you make for the branding and design of your ecommerce website, which in turn, will help to distinguish your brand and drive sales.

A bespoke ecommerce website will allow you select the design and layout of your product pages, to ensure that they are user-friendly and attractive to customers. It will also include a secure payment method and order system, which is essential for processing orders efficiently, and instilling trust in the customer who is making the transaction.

Essentially, selling online can be broken down into three important elements:
  • Appeal
  • Functionality
  • Trust
Each of these can be achieved with a well-designed ecommerce website, which should:
  • Be attractive to buyers and search engines.
  • Be easy to use for both the merchant and customer.
  • Use a secure online order and payment method.

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