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We at Designer Websites are very proud to announce that we've been featured in not one but two lists of the UK's very best web developers. Clutch, who describe themselves as a 'data-driven field guide to business buying decisions', included Designer Websites Ltd in the following lists:

As ecommerce specialists, we were particularly pleased to learn that we'd made Clutch's list of the UK's leading ecommerce developers. Our experienced designers and developers work hard to provide high-quality ecommerce solutions that are tailored to each individual client, and it feels great to be recognised for the quality of the work we do.

Visit our Ecommerce Web Design page to find out more about the bespoke ecommerce solutions we provide here at Designer Websites.

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UPDATE 30/01/18: We have also been named among Clutch's Top UK Inbound Marketing Agencies!

Built by our clients for our clients, Designer Websites' new meeting / training room is finally ready!

We've been struggling for some time with a single small meeting room, so we decided to reshuffle our premises somewhat to create a new room that's perfect for meetings, presentations, and training sessions. Work on the room is now complete, and as you can see, the results look great!

Meeting Room

Practically everything you see in the photo above was provided by one of our clients. These are businesses with whom we've worked very closely over the years, and we thought that explaining 'who did what' would make a great talking point within the meetings we'll be having in this space.

Who did what?

The first thing we did when renovating the room was install a luxury vinyl floor from Floormaker, long-time clients of ours who supply all kinds of high-quality flooring to homes and businesses throughout the UK. Here's what the stripped-back room looked like once the floor was down:

Meeting Room Floor

Then came the task of plastering and painting the new meeting room, which we split between ourselves. We also took care of hanging the blinds, rewiring the electrics, and sorting out the radiators.

After that, we turned to our friends at ABC Designs, signage specialists based right here in South Wales. They created a sign similar to the one in our main office, along with some entrance signs, door vinyls, and car park signs - all of which, in our opinion, looks absolutely awesome!

Meeting Room Signage

We also commissioned Printmet to build us a bespoke meeting room table (with a parquet insert from Floormaker, who we mentioned before) and a bespoke TV stand, which we designed specifically for the new room.

Meeting Room Table

Then came the pièce de résistance: a quirky, modern-looking partition with a hidden door. This was designed by the brilliant Modelmakers Ltd, who normally specialise in architectural and exhibition models but clearly have a bright future in this sort of work! We already had an idea of what we wanted, so after a few design concepts and discussions with the guys from Modelmakers, a plan was agreed upon and they installed this unique wall in no time.

Partition with Hidden Door

And with that, our new meeting room was finished!

New Meeting Room 2

Our meeting room has gone from being boring and run-of-the-mill to being exceptionally cool and contemporary, and everyone here at DW absolutely loves it. None of this could have been achieved without the help of our brilliant clients, so if you are ever looking for a superb signage company, an amazing model maker, a fantastic bespoke metal furniture supplier, or a high-calibre flooring company, you know who to call!

We are delighted to announce an exclusive offer from SagePay to friends of Designer Websites, where you can get your first three months completely free! 

SagePay will offer secure, easy to use and flexible online payment systems for your business. Thanks to our partnership with SagePay they have kindly created an offer where customers and friends of Designer Websites who sign up to SagePay through our custom SagePay partners will get their first three months completely free.  

Note this offer is only available to New SagePay customers. 


Last week we told you about the launch of 'Formula Dragon' - a competition launched by SVG Promotions Limited to attempt to get Welsh citizens involved in motor racing. Formula Dragon aims to make race car driving accessible to anyone over the age of 16 with a spare £30. This fantastic competition also provides scope for individuals to become professional race car mechanics and technicians. 

Designer Websites are proud sponsors of Formula Dragon because we think it's a fantastic opportunity to make motor racing more accessible to Welsh citizens and we're keen to see how the work of SVG Promotions Limited impacts motor racing in Wales. 

If you fancy yourself as a race car driver, if you love formula one of if you'd quite simply love the opportunity to give it a go, then enter on the Formula Dragon Website and for just £30 you'll be entered into the competition to win an opportunity of a lifetime. Ultimately any successful competitors will compete in the British Touring Car Championship backed by a Welsh team. 

Below are a couple of videos from the launch to provide you with more information, but in essence, the message of Formula Dragon is : a chance to drive a real race car for just £30!




Today Designer Websites attended the launch of Formula Dragon, an exciting new motor sport competition designed to promote and nurture motor sport in Wales with the aim of producing quality BTCC drivers, mechanics and technicians.

Formula Dragon is a motor sport competition open to every resident of Wales who are aged between 16 and 50. The aim is to make motor sport accessible to all members of the public, and provide the opportunity for Welsh citizens to become racing drivers, mechanics or technicians within three levels of UK motor racing.  Any successful competitors will compete in the British Touring Car Championship supported by a team of Welsh drivers.

Designer Websites is a sponsor of Formula Dragon, and we jumped on the opportunity to back such a unique cause after being involved with the initial website design. To promote motor sport in Wales and make racing accessible to the public is a niche idea which we think will provide a fantastic opportunity for Welsh people and we’re pleased to have our name on the sponsors list.

The launch was held at the Liberty Hotel in Swansea and an enthusiastic and informative talk was given by members of SVG Promotions Limited, the company behind the Formula Dragon competition. SVG Promotions Limited are responsible for the hit program “So You Want to Be an F1 Driver” aired on Channel Five, Sky Sports and ITV’s Men and Motors, and are hoping to emulate this success with Formula Dragon.

It was great to hear their visions for the future and their intentions to raise awareness of road safety amongst young people in Wales. We had an exciting and interesting day at the launch and can’t wait to see what Formula Dragon holds for the future of motor racing in Wales. 

You may notice that the Designer Websites site looks a little different today, and that’s because our new and improved website design has just gone live! We’ve wanted to revamp the site for some time now, but with so many client websites to work on, it’s been slow progress.

But the new design is finally finished, and now it’s up for all to see! Aside from the stylish new look, we’ve also updated our About Us page, beefed up our collection of Case Studies (well worth a read!), and generally done our best to improve the website in any way possible.

So have a browse of our new site, and see what you think of the work we’ve done. We hope you like it!

Hyper Recruitment Solutions, the recruitment company founded by 2012 Apprentice winner Ricky Martin, celebrated its official launch yesterday in London. Ricky Martin and business partner Lord Alan Sugar launched the new business in the prestigious Royal Society of Chemistry.

Hyper Recruitment Solutions Launch Event Some of the Designer Websites team were there to support Ricky with the   launch of his new business. As the design and development team behind the new HRS recruitment website, Jason, Jenna and Ruth were invited to attend the launch, which kicked off with scientific themed canapés and drinks!

"The HRS website was a very rewarding project for us and we were thrilled to be invited to London to be part of the company's big launch."
Jason Fortt, BSc
Managing Director of Designer Websites Limited

The team here at Designer Websites worked tirelessly with Ricky on this website and our joint efforts produced a website that both companies can be very proud to have produced. Hyper Recruitment Solutions is a very ethical and highly compliant recruitment company and we feel that the website adequately reflects this. Ricky and his team have a passion for the science industry and we feel that the recruitment solutions that they now provide are sure to be a significant boon to the science industry in the UK - it was great to see so many people at the Royal Society of Chemistry last night witnessing the business take its first steps.

Being a science focused business, the HRS team had organised the event with a totally scientific theme, right down to the test tube soup served by waiting staff in lab coats and safety goggles. It was great! Ricky Martin was man of the hour, of course, and in spite of being extremely busy he graciously agreed to pose for a photoshoot with the Designer Websites team. You can see some of the photos we took below:

Jason and Ricky at Launch Event

Hyper Recruitment Solutions is co-owned by Lord Sugar, and one of the greatest honours of developing the company's recruitment website was working for the renowned business magnate. Among the night's main features was a Q&A session with Lord Sugar himself, and he was witty and insightful throughout as he answered questions on everything from science jobs and recruitment solutions to the current business climate and how to find work within it. Jason asked Lord Sugar about his view on Universities providing more practical and apprenticeship-style training, to better enable graduates to start on the right foot in their first career job, to which Lord Sugar replied that he would prefer to see graduates more prepared for the real world of business.

"The whole evening was thoroughly professional and very entertaining; we all really enjoyed it. The Q&A session with Lord Sugar was very good!"
Jenna Lewis
Project Manager at Designer Websites Limited

So if you're looking for science jobs, there's a brand new recruitment company who are eager to help you. The HRS launch event was a huge success, and a great reward for all the hard work and long hours we put into developing their recruitment website. Working with HRS has been a pleasure and an honour, and we're sure that Ricky Martin, Lord Sugar, and everyone else at Hyper Recruitment Solutions have got even greater success to come. We look forward to working together as the business flourishes over the next couple of years.

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